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The Best 8 Career Aptitude Tests

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Career Aptitude Test

If you're ready to start planning your career, look no further than the best career aptitude tests. An assessment can help you understand your strengths and work preferences and how they translate to a compatible profession.

We reviewed how the top 8 career tests work, along with advantages and disadvantages of each. We also review everything you need to know about career tests, from their benefits to what to look for and how to prepare. 

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What is a Career Aptitude Test? 

Career aptitude tests are a great way to find career paths that are a good fit for you, learn more about your work personality, and find your strengths and opportunities. These free career tests are intended for anyone, from students to adults in the middle of their careers, and can provide inspiration when determining the next step in your career.

Each career test is different and is meant for a particular group, but they all use similar questions to assess your skills in various areas. The test then gives you results that show your natural talents, strengths, personality type, possible career matches, or a mix of all these factors.

The Top 8 Career Tests

Career aptitude tests can help you figure out important things about your future career, like your values, how you like to work, and how you talk to people. Now, we'll review the top eight career tests and how each stands out, giving you a better idea of what to expect.’s 15-minute quiz uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a personalized career report based on your interests, strengths, and preferences. The basic career assessment costs $19.90, while the more in-depth one costs $29.90 and gives you a more personalized report.'s team regularly updates the test with the latest job opportunities and pay information, making it a reliable resource for anyone looking to make informed career decisions. stands out because of its easy-to-use, intuitive, and interactive interface, which guides you through your experience. You can get highly accurate results that give you a clear picture of the ideal career paths and constructive feedback to help you build a plan for a price comparable to other paid tests. Although the current version is still in beta and some features are still being worked on, is a great way to get reliable career advice and personalized results.


  • Highly accurate and personalized results based on an AI and advanced machine learning algorithm 
  • User-friendly interface with interactive features and constructive feedback
  • Constantly updated with the latest job information and payment data
  • Affordable pricing for the primary and comprehensive career tests


  • The current version is still in beta and lacks some features
  • Occasionally has bugs and glitches

Bottom Line: Overall, is a great place to go if you want accurate and personalized career advice. Its advanced AI and machine learning algorithm yield reliable results, and its user-friendly interface makes testing engaging and straightforward. Even though it is still in beta, is our top recommendation for career aptitude tests.



The Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential assessment, or MAPP, takes a novel approach to career aptitude testing. MAPP doesn't ask you long-winded questions meant to make you think. Instead, it measures your immediate reactions to determine your feelings and interests. 

MAPP is 71 questions long and takes 22 minutes to complete. You can get a basic report for free or pay $89.95 to $149.95 to get a full report with detailed results about your career goals and suggested career paths. This career assessment test is a great place to go if you want quick and valuable career advice based on psychological research.


  • Quick and easy to use, taking only 22 minutes to complete
  • Engaging questions that elicit your instant reactions
  • Validity and reliability tested by psychologists 
  • Provides free and paid options 


  • Limited question scops may not cover all aspects of your career personality 
  • The comprehensive report is somewhat expensive

Bottom Line: MAPP is a fun and reliable career test that gives you career advice based on what you like and what you're good at. While it may cover only some aspects of your personality due to its limited question set, it is a quick and easy-to-use resource for anyone seeking career advice.



The 27 questions on the CareerHunter career interests test take about 15 minutes to complete. This test helps you determine what jobs you might like and what tasks you enjoy doing. It may ask you to rank a list of preferences, such as which job responsibilities you prefer.

The free career test gives you a basic report, but you can pay $15.99 for the full report. The complete results consist of a 30-page personalized report and additional career information. CareerHunter also has five other tests that can help you learn more about your personality, how you think, and what drives you.


  • Provides detailed analysis of your compatibility with several career areas 
  • Free version and affordable paid option available 
  • Offers additional tests to help understand other relevant career guidance 


  • You may need to take all six tests to get the best insights
  • The basic report does not provide many insights

Bottom Line: CareerHunter has a useful career interests test that can help you determine what kind of work you like and which jobs might suit you. While the test is free, access to the full results requires an additional fee. For those looking for a more in-depth career assessment, CareerHunter also provides other tests.



The career personality profiler from Truity looks at your strengths, preferences, values, and other factors to help you find the best career paths. The career personality test lasts about 15 minutes and consists of 94 questions. It includes a free summary of your results, or you can pay $29 for the full report.

Truity is a reliable place to get career advice and has many personality tests. The Big Five personality model and psychological theories underpin its career personality profiler. While the test is text-heavy, it provides valuable insights and career advice, making it a good option for anyone who wants to learn more about their potential.


  • Easy-to-use and straightforward assessment
  • Free to take with the option to purchase a comprehensive report
  • Provides valuable insights into your work preferences and possible career paths


  • Primarily text-based with few interactive features
  • May not provide the best analysis of your career options as others

Bottom Line: The career personality profiler on Truity is a great way to get ideas and learn more about possible careers. Even though some people might find the test boring, it is an excellent way for anyone who wants to learn more about their potential career paths and comes with a full report for an extra fee.

My Plan Career Assessment

My Plan Career Assessment

The My Plan career values assessment, created by a Ph.D., asks you to rank different aspects of work to discover what you truly care about in a job. After you finish the test, My Plan makes a list of about 740 jobs that are ranked by how well they match your answers.

The test lasts up to 15 minutes and contains only 20 questions. The career values assessment is free, but more comprehensive career tests and results cost between $7.95 and $19.95. While My Plan isn't the most advanced or well-designed test available, it is a helpful resource for anyone looking for career advice.


  • Offers a free test option and a comprehensive suite of paid assessments 
  • Helps identify relevant work preferences and values 
  • Provides hundreds of career recommendations ranked by compatibility


  • Appears somewhat outdated and lacks innovation
  • 20 questions may not capture as many insights as the more extended tests

Bottom Line: Overall, My Plan's career values assessment is helpful if you are looking for a new job or want to make a career change. While more cutting-edge tools are available, My Plan can still provide valuable advice on your professional life and save you time during the job search process.



The CareerFitter career test is a simple and quick way to learn about your work personality and how you prefer to interact with others. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete and consists of 60 questions. After that, CareerFitter determines your potential career matches, income, and strengths.

You can get a free basic report from CareerFitter or pay $19.95 for a premium 10-page report with detailed advice and insights. While the quiz isn't as interactive or engaging as other career assessments, it can still help you understand your work personality and values to see if you're a good fit for something specific.


  • Offers a starting point for those who want to understand their work personality 
  • Relies on algorithms developed by Psychological Assessment Research (PAR)
  • Has free and comprehensive reports options available 


  • Short quiz length may not capture all the nuances of your work personality and preferences
  • The design could be more engaging and interactive 

Bottom Line: If you want to better understand your work style and how you collaborate with others, CareerFitter's career test is a good option. The basic report gives enough information, but the premium report provides even more information. Even though CareerFitter doesn't have many exciting features, it does have a unique algorithm made by PAR. 

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review career quiz is a simple but valuable way to find out what you like to do and how you work best. The 10-minute quiz asks 24 questions about your preferences and determines your suitability for various job types. After you give the test your answers, it will list possible jobs for you to consider. 

The quiz is free, but the results may not be as detailed or complete as those from other tests. However, it can still help you figure out where to start and what careers fit you.


  • Easy and free way to gain insight into your personal interests and work style
  • Relatively short quiz that only takes a few minutes to complete
  • Provides a helpful basis for beginning your career exploration


  • Doesn't offer highly personalized or comprehensive results
  • May not consider the full range of career opportunities available

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review is a well-known organization that helps students and professionals grow and develop. It also offers a quick and helpful tool to help people figure out what they want to do with their careers. While it is not the most comprehensive career test available, it can still inspire ideas for new career paths. The Temperament Test is free, but it might not give you as much useful information as other services or help you decide what you want to do with your career. 

Keirsey Temperament

Keirsey Temperament

The Keirsey Temperament Test is a popular career test that looks at your favorite activities, behavior patterns, and communication style to help you find your best career path. Kerisey analyzes your personality and puts you in one of four groups: the artisan, the rational, the guardian, or the idealist.

The career assessment lasts approximately 20 minutes and includes about 70 questions. The Keirsey test is meant to help you learn about your personality type and unique traits, but it doesn't advise you on what career to pursue. 


  • Provides insight into your personality and behavior patterns 
  • Available for free and can be taken quickly
  • Helps identify personal traits based on research and psychological theories


  • Results may not be as comprehensive as other assessments
  • Doesn't provide direct career guidance or compatibility 

Bottom Line: The Keirsey Temperament Scale can tell you a lot about your personality and how you like to work. Even though the test is widely known and used, you might need more career advice depending on what you want to do. However, Keirsey's can provide valuable guidance when combined with other career tests. 

Why are career tests important? 

Whether you're a student looking to begin your career or someone considering a change, career tests are valuable tools to consider. Here are several reasons why these tests are important as you start your career search. 

Provide direction

Career tests can assist you in making informed decisions about your career path by providing a structured approach to career exploration and assisting you in setting realistic goals.

Uncover hidden strengths

Taking a career test can assist you in identifying the unique strengths that you may not have been aware of previously.

Reduce stress

Career exploration can be exhausting and stressful, but career tests can help alleviate your concerns and provide a starting point.

Explore new industries

Career tests can introduce you to new job industries and roles you may not have been aware of before, opening up new possibilities and ideas for you to consider.

Save resources

Career tests can help you avoid making wasteful decisions by assisting you in making informed decisions, such as investing time and money in a career that isn't necessarily a good fit.

Increase job satisfaction

Finding a job that matches your values, interests, and personality can lead to increased job satisfaction and enjoyment in your career.

Provide objectivity

Career tests provide an objective and research-backed assessment of your strengths, opportunities, and distinguishing characteristics to assist you in making informed decisions.

Create a roadmap

Based on your feedback, you can use the test results to help you plan your career journey and set attainable goals.

Identify skill gaps

Career tests can help you learn how to improve and strengthen other skill sets by pointing out your areas of opportunity.

Match personal values

Career tests can help you discover roles and industries that align with your sense of purpose and internal values.

Top Benefits of Taking a Career Test

Career assessments help you better understand yourself and your work preferences. These tests have several advantages; here are a few examples.

Gain personalized insights

You can learn about your work style, personality, strengths, opportunities, and values by taking a career assessment. Self-awareness and familiarity with these factors influence which careers may suit you.

Explore career possibilities

At first glance, there are a lot of career options, and career tests can help you find options you may not have thought of or didn't know fit your strengths.

Plan an achievable future

Career tests can help you make a long-term plan for your career by giving you valuable information about your growth, skill set, and potential for advancement.

Align your work style

Career tests can help you determine how you like to work, your preferred work pace and communication style, and what careers match your preferences.

Increase confidence

If you believe you're on the right track, an aptitude test can help confirm your decision and reassure you that you've chosen the right career. 

Gain a competitive edge

A career test can help you determine how to stand out from other job applicants and make the most of your skills by showing you your strengths, opportunities, and personality traits.

Prioritize job compatibility

By figuring out your values and interests, a career test can help you find jobs that fit your preferences, work style, salary, and desired purpose.

Navigate a career change

Career assessments can help you determine which skills and experiences can be used in a new job. This can help you change careers smoothly and successfully.

Narrow your career search

If you have career ideas but still need a specific focus, a test can help you narrow your options based on your skills and preferences.

Find purpose in your work

A career assessment can help you find a sense of purpose and meaning in your work, which is more likely to lead to a fulfilling career in the long run.

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How to Choose the Best Career Test

There are many things to consider before deciding on a career path. When selecting the best career test for you, consider these factors:

Assessment goals

Consider and question what you hope to gain from taking the career test. Do you want a broad look at your skills and interests or a close look at your career options? Understanding your goals and what you hope to gain can help you select the best assessment tool. 

Administration and format

Consider how you want to take the test and the best format. Do you prefer to take a test on paper or online? Would you like a proctored or self-paced test? The way the test is set up and administered can have a big impact on how accurate the results are.

Budget and value

Determine a budget for your career test and consider how much you want to spend. However, selecting a test that fits your budget is best while also providing good value for money. Before making a decision, consider the value of each test in relation to the cost.

Accuracy and reliability

When looking into career assessments, find out how each one was made and tested to make sure it gives valid and reliable results. You should choose one based on thorough research methods that have been shown to work. If you don't, you might get bad advice.

Developer reputation

Determine who created the career assessment and investigate their credibility and trustworthiness. Consider the reputation, credentials, and method of the test's creator to make sure that the results and career advice are reliable. It's important that the test was made by a reputable developer and that other experts looked over it.

Personalization and feedback

Some assessments give you feedback and results that are specific to you, while others give you a more general look at your career options. Consider how much personalization and tailored feedback you require and look for a test that meets those needs. It would help if you also looked into the test's additional resources and information to aid your search.

Tips for taking a career test

When you've found the best career test and are ready to start, begin by planning and developing a game plan. Here are some pointers to help you take a career test and avoid making unwanted mistakes.

Understand the instructions and format

Take the time to read through the instructions and understand how the test is set up. Familiarize yourself with the format of the questions and how to proceed through them.

Use your time wisely

Keep an eye on the time limit (if the test has one), but take your time with it. Take your time reading the questions and answering them thoroughly.

Block out distractions

Before taking the assessment, find a quiet and test-friendly environment. Reduce as many distractions as possible, such as phone calls, notifications, and emails.

Give honest answers

Don't try to appear as someone else; just be yourself. Because the test determines what is best for you, you should provide genuine answers that accurately represent your thoughts.

Keep it simple

Try not to overthink each question and answer as you go through the test. Instead, rely on your instincts and don't second-guess yourself. 

Have confidence in your abilities

Try to respond, knowing that you have the best skills and abilities. Don't believe sentiments that tell you you're not good enough or that you'll never succeed in your career.

Review the results

Set aside time after submitting the test to review the results and see what it says. Make additional notes or highlight anything that piques your interest.

Use the test as a foundation

The test results are only the beginning of your career exploration. Use the feedback it provides to help guide you as you embark on the next leg of your journey. 

Final thoughts

We've covered the best career tests for you to consider, along with how to prepare for and benefit from these valuable tools. On top of reviewing your test feedback, keep researching career paths, speaking with experts, and finding the best guidance. Your hard work and continued effort will pay off soon! 

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