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What Does a Membership Representative Do?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A membership representative performs a variety of tasks to develop and maintain an organization or business's membership base. The job duties of a membership representative depend on the organization or business that he works for, as each group has its own staffing needs and requirements. In some cases, this person may assume a sales role by encouraging people to join the organization or renew their memberships. In other cases, the representative may serve in a customer service capacity by assisting members with difficulties they have with their memberships, such as obtaining membership benefits, and answering questions about membership-related issues. In smaller organizations, a membership representative may assume both these roles.

Many not-for-profit organizations as well as for-profit businesses utilize a membership model. These organizations depend on individuals joining their group or purchasing a membership as well as renewing these memberships. Types of organizations that utilize this model include health clubs, industry and trade organizations, and private social clubs. To encourage both new and renewed memberships, an organization must also make sure that there are significant benefits for holding a membership and will encourage members to make use of these benefits.

Some membership representatives serve in a customer service capacity.
Some membership representatives serve in a customer service capacity.

The sales function of a membership representative can take several different forms and may involve telephone prospecting as well as personal interactions with potential members online, over the phone, or in person. For example, a health club membership representative may set up appointments with prospective members to show them the health club and its facilities. A trade organization membership representative may work at an information booth at trade shows and conferences to encourage people to join the organization. Membership representatives may be compensated through regular wages as well as commissions on the memberships or renewals that they sell. They may also find that their continued employment depends on meeting or exceeding their organization's goals for new and renewed memberships.

Other membership representative duties may involve helping people to manage their memberships. For example, if a member relocates, the representative may process the change of address for that member. If a member is having difficulties receiving the benefits to which he or she is entitled, such as a publication subscription or a discount on products, the representative can act as a liaison between the member and the department within the organization to ensure that the member's needs are addressed.

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    • Some membership representatives serve in a customer service capacity.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Some membership representatives serve in a customer service capacity.