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How Do I Become a Currency Dealer?

Becoming a currency dealer involves gaining financial knowledge, preferably through a finance-related degree. You'll also need to obtain necessary licenses and certifications, such as the Series 3 License. Experience in financial markets is beneficial, as is joining professional organizations like the National Futures Association.
Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White

Some coin collectors turn their hobby into a business and become a currency dealer, while other people often deal through the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. No matter which type you want to become, it is best to stay well-informed about the currencies that you buy and sell. An excellent way to learn about this industry and to expand your knowledge is by networking with other currency dealers. If dealing currencies through the foreign exchange market, it is best to form a limited liability company (LLC) because this allows you to have no personal liability if your business endures a detrimental financial loss. In this market, it is also best to become a currency dealer that is authorized by the FOREX regulatory body in your country.

If you want to become a currency dealer who has control over risks, consider selling coins. In order for this type of business to be successful, it is best to register a company name, as well as promote your business through the use of business cards and a website. Read books and magazines to broaden your knowledge on this form of currency dealing, as well as to make out what types of coins are rare and in demand. Great ways to expand your coin collections include purchasing them from other dealers and at antique auctions. To become a currency dealer of coins, it is also important that you know how to grade them, which involves effectively identifying how much they are worth.

Rare Greek silver coins.
Rare Greek silver coins.

Before you become a currency dealer on the foreign exchange market, make sure you understand the risks and comprehend how the industry operates. Since there are over 150 currencies in the world, it is helpful to perform practice trades, as this allows you to determine which types you want to deal. There are many FOREX dealers on the Internet that will allow you to set up a practice trading account for free. To further increase your comprehension on how the market works, familiarize yourself with the Bank for International Settlements, subscribe to FOREX news magazines, and attend meetings where other currency dealers are present. It is wise to not start dealing in this market until you are comfortable with your comprehension of how foreign currencies are dealt.

Various types of currency.
Various types of currency.

In order to become a currency dealer through this market, it is also important to become authorized by the FOREX regulatory body in your country. Any clients for which you deal currencies will most likely prefer you to be authorized because it allows them to rest assured that their money is in safe hands. Each FOREX regulatory body has strict screening processes, but this is only to ensure that the market is protected from illegal activities. In the United States, once you are authorized, it is illegal to conduct business with members that are not. Most countries require a fee to be paid to become authorized, as well as additional fees each year to stay authorized as a currency dealer.

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    • Rare Greek silver coins.
      By: Ancient Art
      Rare Greek silver coins.
    • Various types of currency.
      By: Joop Hoek
      Various types of currency.