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How do I Become a Freelance Bookkeeper?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Bookkeeping is a career field in which many people find themselves interested. Individuals are always in need of bookkeepers, so there is often plenty of bookkeeping work to go around. Many small businesses readily look for a knowledgeable individual to perform their basic bookkeeping tasks so they might focus on their own business. If you would like to become a freelance bookkeeper, you will need to have a plan for your business, marketing materials and a marketing plan.

The first step toward becoming a freelance bookkeeper is to have a plan in place for your business. Your business plan will ensure that you know what your aim is and what it is you would like to accomplish. This plan can be as specific or as general as you would like, but it should list what your business goals are, how you expect to reach them and a timetable for each one. After this information is in place, you have a good framework for how you want to start and operate your freelance bookkeeping business.

A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.
A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.

In the modern business market, it is critical to have an easily recognizable brand. Your brand includes your logo, business cards, website, letterhead and anything else that a customer might receive in the way of marketing. There are many individuals available who can work with you to design your company brand in a cost-efficient manner. Keeping everything professional yet eye-catching, memorable and appealing should be your goal.

After you have a plan in place for your business and marketing materials ready to go, you are ready to market yourself as a freelance bookkeeper to prospective clients. This step requires some effort, but it can pay off a great deal in the end. You might choose to get to know certified public accountants (CPAs) in your area and let them know that you are available as a freelance bookkeeper. You can build a professional relationship with them and ask whether they would be willing to send referrals your way.

Another way to market your business is to join professional organizations in your area. These organizations usually hold networking events, during which you might be able to get to know many other small businesses in your area which might need the assistance of a freelance bookkeeper. Let everyone you come in contact with know you are a freelance bookkeeper. Likely, if people do not need the services themselves, they might know someone who does. You might also decide to contact local small businesses directly, letting them know about your service and asking whether they would like to give you a try.

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    • A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.
      By: Danny Hooks
      A bookkeeper reviewing a ledger.