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How Do I Become a Ground Hostess?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A ground hostess is an individual who works for a particular airline at an airport, similar to an on-the-ground flight attendant. This person provides customer service, and most often works as a check-in agent at the gate, answering questions and ensuring customers have all the required documentation before they board the plane. The requirements to become a ground hostess are usually not too strict; generally, the airlines will want to hire someone with some customer service experience, and possibly someone who has worked in travel or tourism. It might also be necessary to pass a type of entrance exam, and a thorough background check in some cases, in order to get a job as a ground hostess.

A person who wants to become a ground hostess should attempt to get as much experience in customer service as possible, since this is the single most important aspect of this job. Any customer service experience is positive, but that which is related to the tourism, travel, or hospitality industry is the best. It is important to always have a polite and professional manner, and a well-groomed appearance for this job as well. Ground hostesses represent the airline, just as the flight attendants do on the plane, and it is very important to the airline that they maintain a certain level of professionalism.

A ground hostess works for a specific airline company, providing customer service and checking in passengers.
A ground hostess works for a specific airline company, providing customer service and checking in passengers.

For people who want to pursue a career in the airline industry, and want to become a ground hostess in order to be eligible for promotions, it might be a good idea to actually complete some education in travel or tourism. There are associate's degrees in this field that may make it more likely that you will be hired for this position. In some cases, certain airlines might require applicants to complete an entrance exam,as well as a criminal background check, before they are eligible to become a ground hostess, especially as laws and regulations continuously get more strict surrounding air travel.

It will also be necessary to fill out an application and submit your resume if you want to become a ground hostess. At the interview, be sure to discuss your experience and how you have resolved challenging or stressful situations by remaining calm. It is likely that you will sometimes encounter upset and angry passengers as a ground hostess, so airlines will want to know that you possess the ability to resolve these situations without escalating them. Your ability to work well with fellow employees is important as well in this position, so be sure to highlight that too.

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I would not want to do this job for the world. Every time I've been in an airport there has been some kind of mini crisis and people have become upset about it, whether it was because they arrived late, or because there was too much wind or fog for the planes to take off or whatever.

I ever envied the ground hostesses for having to calm down people who were taking out all their frustrations on the wrong people.

I mean, they have little or no power to help anyone who is stranded, but they have to listen to their abuse. It sounds like the worst kind of customer service job.


@pleonasm - Another good place to look is the website of the airline. They will often have a page called "careers" or "work for us" and they will list all the available positions.

They might even have extra information about what they are looking for and any qualifications they might expect. It's a good idea to read it all, just so that if they ask you about it in an interview, you are prepared.

The other thing I'd say is that you should get a good grounding in computers. Everything in airports is automated these days and a lot of the time people will only have electronic tickets. I think if you aren't completely comfortable with computers the job would be very difficult.


If you are really interested in this kind of work at a particular airport, I would actually go there and go to the information desks for the different airlines and ask for an employment form or even to speak to the manager. Don't be annoying and try to go at a time when they aren't desperately trying to get a lot of people onto a flight.

Dress as professionally as possible and bring your resume with you. You never know when they are going to ask for it and it's better to be prepared.

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    • A ground hostess works for a specific airline company, providing customer service and checking in passengers.
      By: Pavel Losevsky
      A ground hostess works for a specific airline company, providing customer service and checking in passengers.