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How do I Become a House Painter?

Nat Robinson
Nat Robinson

A house painter, sometimes known as a decorator, paints houses in an effort to enhance their appearance. House painting is generally a profession where a person learns the trade on the job. For this reason, to become a house painter, there is typically no set level of education required. However, if a person wishes to start a business in house painting, a license will usually need to be obtained. This is a profession in which there is generally a steady stream of work available, although, the work flow for an exterior house painter may decrease during extremely cold seasons.

To become a house painter, a person will need to be physically fit. House painters spend long periods of time working in set positions. This may mean extensive hours of standing, bending and kneeling in various positions. They typically have to carry around tools, cans of paint, heavy ladders and climb the ladders. There may also be a great deal of moving furniture and other house related fixtures in order to carry out the job.

Supplies for painting.
Supplies for painting.

If a person wishes to become a house painter and be in business for himself or herself, there are a few steps to be carried out. In most cases, a painter may be required to obtain insurance and a license to start a business. He or she may also be required to register the business in the state or region he or she will be painting in. Different regions will have different requirements for starting a painting business. In this regard, a painter should research the regional requirements carefully to ensure he or she has met them all.

A house painter typically learns his skill while working on the job.
A house painter typically learns his skill while working on the job.

It will also be important to invest in advertising to become a house painter. To get work, as an independent painter, he or she will need to to advertise the services being offered. One way of advertising may be to take out an ad in a local newspaper. Generally, for a fee, the painter will designate the type of ad to be placed in the newspaper and the length of time the ad is to run. As a more affordable alternative, a painter may post fliers around his or her neighborhood as an advertisement.

House painters typically learn their trade on the job.
House painters typically learn their trade on the job.

A person wishing to become a house painter may have numerous occupational options. He or she may go into business for himself or herself or apply to a painting company for a job. Some companies may accept people with little to no experience, as most of the learning will come from doing the job, although larger companies may have some requirements to obtain a position. Painters may also seek employment by contacting real estate agencies or home contractors for potential business.

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@spotiche5- I think that your friend has many advertising options that will help him get the word out about his house painting services. He already has a good start, and just needs to utilize a few more that are either free or very affordable.

In today's world, I think that any business operator must have an online presence. Your friend can advertise online through social media and by creating his own website. He can either set up one himself, or have a website developer create one for him for a monthly fee. If he decides to pay someone to set up and maintain his website, he should shop around to get the best rate because fees vary.

Your friend should also check with his local chamber of commerce about advertising options in his area. Some chambers offer various advertising options to local businesses for the cost of becoming a member.

Finally, local builders' associations provide unique ways for members to get the word out about their businesses. House painting would fall into the categories covered by these associations that often hold home and garden shows each year. This is a great way to showcase home improvement services to potential customers.


I'm trying to help a friend advertise his house painting business. He currently runs an add in the local newspaper, and occasionally hands out flyers in different neighborhoods. However, he feels like there are potential customers that he needs to reach. What are some options that may help him attract them?

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    • Supplies for painting.
      By: Scanrail
      Supplies for painting.
    • A house painter typically learns his skill while working on the job.
      By: Theresa Martinez
      A house painter typically learns his skill while working on the job.
    • House painters typically learn their trade on the job.
      By: branex
      House painters typically learn their trade on the job.