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How Do I Become a Magician Assistant?

To become a magician's assistant, start by learning about magic, its history, and techniques. Join a magic club or take classes. Networking with magicians can lead to opportunities. Remember, agility, stage presence, and a willingness to learn are key in this exciting, mysterious profession.
Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh

In most cases there isn’t one specific path that can lead you to become a magician assistant, as the job is a creative position in the entertainment industry that depends as much on personality and individual skill as fixed criteria in most cases. There aren’t usually training requirements or essential resume additions that can give you an edge. Just the same, you can usually take certain steps to improve your chances of success, such as spending time in places where magic acts are performed, practicing your performance, and learning skills in magic. Most people who are hired for these positions are theatrical, capable of following directions, and open to new experiences. Observing a magician assistant while he or she is working can also help you recognize the important skills you need to successfully find a job. In some cases you may also need to start on a volunteer or apprentice basis, offering your skills as assistant in exchange for the chance to work with an experienced magician and build up expertise and a portfolio of more demonstrable acts and techniques.

Importance of Networking and Knowing Where to Look

Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.
Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.

Jobs for magician assistants aren’t commonly published or advertised, so it is important that you take an active role in your search. This commonly involves reaching out to known magician acts and building a network of contacts in the community. If you believe you have the personality and attitude needed to work this kind of job, seek out magicians in your area and ask them if they need an assistant. Other venues to contact for potential jobs include amusement parks, local neighborhood theaters, and magic shops. When they do appear, ads with jobs available to become a magician assistant are sometimes posted in entertainment magazines, newspapers, and websites, and you can post your own availability in these venues, too.

Hone Your Own Magic Skills

In addition, it is important to have an interest, as well as some skill, in magic to become a magician assistant. Most of the training will occur on the job and will be to the specifications of the magician in charge. Still, learning a few simple magic tricks before applying and having at least some understanding of how more complex tricks work you’ll have something to show to the magician during your audition and may make a better impression.

Magician assistants usually have to possess a stage presence that grabs attention, while also taking care not to detract from the main talent or the core of the act. The goal is usually to be a helper without stealing the show. This balance can requires practice, as well as a knowledge of the inside of the magician’s trade. Practicing a few simple routines and practicing for friends and family before your audition is a good way to help, and making sure to show your understanding for the scope of the job can be an asset, too.

Research the Role

The next step needed to become a magician assistant is to look the part. This means that you should research costumes of magician assistants and try to find one that would work for your audition. The easier it is for the magician to picture you in the role, the more likely that you will be hired. Make sure that you have thought about your reasons for going into this field in case you are asked, which can include such things as having an interest in theater and performance, being enthusiastic about magic, and desiring to show people a more mystical side of life. You also need to be capable of keeping the magician's secrets if you are hired, so doing all you can to convey yourself as being responsible and dependable during an interview can be helpful.

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Discussion Comments


One suggestion is to go to your local magic shop. The guy who works there probably knows many magicians in the area. Ask if he knows anyone who needs an assistant. Also, ask if there are any magic clubs in the area. Going to one could possibly make some contacts. You might meet someone and decide to create a new magic act together.


@Chmander - Well, at the beginning of the article, it says that there's no direct path that can lead you to becoming a magician's assistant, but on the other hand, it always depends. Sometimes, those who want to be an assistant simply want to discover the simple tricks and illusions of magic. However, there are also those who one day even hope to become as famous as Houdini himself. However, this obviously would take years of practice, and it's no small feat. If you're willing to go down this road though, I'd say go for it. Always follow your dreams.


I don't know if this is brought up, but is becoming a magician's assistant its own separate thing, or does it always lead one to become a magician of their own?


As the article indirectly states, becoming a magician's assistant is important if you want to follow a magician, and learn their secrets, to an extent of course. It might not be easy, but anything worth having will require work and determination. In fact, you can even consider yourself an apprentice of sorts. Also, as the article mentions, before attempting to be a magician's assistant, it's always good to do a bit of research. Know what's required of you, and memorize the expectations.

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    • Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.
      By: Africa Studio
      Jobs for a magician's assistant are unlikely to be posted publicly.