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How Do I Become a Script Coordinator?

Pursuing a career as a Script Coordinator requires a blend of creativity, organization, and industry knowledge. Start by studying film or television production, then gain experience in scriptwriting. Networking and internships can open doors to this behind-the-scenes role in the entertainment industry.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Since a script coordinator is often considered a junior television writer position, you'll need strong writing skills to start in this position. Not only must script coordinators ensure that everyone who is authorized to receive updated scripts actually does, but proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in the scripts is also expected. Having a good working knowledge of commonly used industry software can help you promote your skills to become a script coordinator. While formal education and training may not be necessary to work in TV script coordinator careers, a good understanding of the industry, with a focus on writing and production, is crucial.

Especially since it's usually easier to become a script coordinator if you have previous experience, taking courses from a reputable film and television school that offers industry internships may be a worthwhile choice. This way you can learn television writing and production basics as well as get hands-on experience in an actual studio. Making contacts in the industry in this way may help you land a steady studio job. Being polite and efficient with a learning attitude rather than a "know it all" one is essential in building good contacts. No matter how well script coordinators understand TV writing, they are at the bottom of the TV production ladder and are usually expected to spend a lot of time updating scripts as well as running errands such as getting lunches before ever being considered for a promotion to a writer position.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Honing your organizational, communication and technical skills along with your writing mechanics is recommended to become a script coordinator. You'll be expected to adapt to the writers' schedules as well as the production team's by getting scripts updated and distributed promptly. Preparing each updated script on a computer using standard industry software is something you should be able to demonstrate you can do efficiently. You must be able to self-edit to be sure to avoid spelling, punctuation and other mistakes as well as clearly mark all script changes.

Another class in film and television school to consider taking is one in intellectual property or business law, as script coordinators are typically responsible for "clearance" of the material. Clearance in scriptwriting refers to the process of ensuring that the script avoids any potential legal issues. The coordinator marks anything of note before presenting the script to the studio's legal department. If you want to become a script coordinator, you'll have to be prepared to keep moving between dealing with writing, production and legal departments.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing