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How Do I Become a Systems Integrator?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Systems integrators are individuals who bring together software and other computer components and ensure that they work well together to form computer systems that meet client needs. These professionals must have strong technical abilities, be self-driven, and be able to work with little supervision. A person who would like to become a systems integrator needs to finish four years of post-secondary education, and practical experience opportunities also will prepare him or her for long-term employment in this industry.

If you seek to become a systems integrator, you should consider completing a four-year bachelor’s degree in information systems. You need to submit a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification to the school of your choice. The institution also will ask to see your transcript of high school courses, a completed admissions form, and even scores from standardized tests before you start schooling.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Computer software classes will introduce you to the basics of this complex industry. You need to study systems analysis and design as well as data structures. Knowledge of these areas is necessary to become a systems integrator, as a professional in this field has to combine computer programs and databases along with hardware to help a company to meet the requirements of its projects. Your classes additionally cover how to track system defects and test its quality, as well as use software to generate reports on the progress of an organization’s initiatives.

Management courses also give students the skills that they need to work in an information technology capacity. Business-related courses teach you how to coach employees and work with software development teams as well as how to develop projects while taking into consideration staffing and monetary requirements to ensure success. You should study the best ways to facilitate strong communication both within and outside of an organization and learn how to prepare project briefings for your company’s executives.

Some information systems training programs require that you complete a practicum before you can graduate, and companies often prefer people who have field certification as well. Even if your school does not make field training mandatory, you need to consider doing this because it will give you hands-on experience with helping an organization develop its goals, setting up appropriate computer systems to help it achieve these objectives, and troubleshooting problems that stifle the business’ progress. You also will find out how often you must collaborate with other personnel versus how much time you need to spend working independently. In addition, certification is available through companies that market software used for project management tasks and will make you more employable if you want to become a systems integrator.

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