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How do I Choose a Gemology School?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer

The work of a gemologist encompasses a wide variety of gemstones. These include, but are not limited to, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. A good gemology school will delve into the intricacies of each type of gemstone, as well as how to identify, work with, and sell these stones. There are several gemology schools worldwide, but because gemology is such a wide and varied field, the job of a gemologist requires that he continues learning long after his schoolwork is finished.

A gemology school accredited by the Canadian Gemological Association, Ecole de Gemmologie de Montreal, is considered one of the top educational centers for gemologists in the world. This gemology school works very closely with another highly acclaimed program, the Gemological Association of Great Britain. The Gemological Association of Great Britain is one of the oldest in the world, and its program is one of the most affordable for those seeking a gemology school. Another gemological school is the International School of Gemology.

A man inspecting a gem.
A man inspecting a gem.

When examining a potential gemology school, a person should look for a program that not only teaches the practical aspects of gemology, but also has a strong emphasis on business and marketing skills. These skills are invaluable because gemologists deal primarily with the public. While a program that teaches the technical aspects of gemology may give a great deal of fundamental knowledge, the inability to convey this information to a person without technical knowledge may lead to an unsuccessful career. A person shopping for a diamond may not want to know how the diamond was formed, its light refraction or its chemical composition; he wants to know how much it costs, where it came from and if it is a quality diamond. A successful gemologist should be able to use his skills and technical knowledge to answer a customer's questions in an easy to understand manner so that the customer may make an informed purchase.

A degree in gemology is just the starting point for a gemologist's career. Education should be constant and continual, and any person seeking a gemologist degree should be highly self-motivated. An apprenticeship with an established gemologist is often the next step for graduates of a gemologist school. This serves the added advantage of giving further hands-on knowledge to those who have pursued a distance or online degree, as well as showing how to successfully interact with customers.

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The International School of Gemology is a fraud. It is not accredited. The owner, Robert James, has been vilified by the gemological community for misinformation and poor educational standards.

Do your own research before wasting money on this poor excuse of a diploma mill


One of my grandsons is interested in a career in gemology. He has done some research and thinks he has found a good school. It's called the GIA (Gemology Institute of America.) The school is headquartered in California with 12 branches around the world.

Hands-on learning with experts, gives experience working with actual gems in jewelry design, repair, gem identification, and other related areas.

My grandson likes the small classes and individual instruction that's offered at this school. You also have the choice of taking the classes online and they will loan you stones for the hands-on part of the classes.


@anon150275 - I believe that Georgia State University offers some sort of jewelry course. I am not sure if it is the type of gemology you want, but it's a possibility to look into.


I can't find any school of gemology in atlanta.

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    • A man inspecting a gem.
      A man inspecting a gem.