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How Do I Choose the Best Face Painting Courses?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Face painting is a fun activity that is usually found at places such as carnivals, parties and even weddings. Artists have found that even if they have the ability to draw on canvas, face painting is a unique art form that involves practice and perhaps face painting courses. If you are interested in taking face painting courses, you might choose to look for courses that offer instruction in choosing and maintaining your tools and equipment, safety, how to paint a proper base, how to paint lines and shapes and various face paint designs. Courses are available in many localities, and some are offered on the Internet.

Choosing the equipment that you might use as a face painter is one of the first and most important steps in becoming a face painter. Good face painting courses will teach you what type of tools and equipment to buy, such as brushes, sponges and types of paint. Some courses have equipment vendors present at their courses for students who wish to purchase equipment there. Not only should instructors teach you the type of equipment to purchase and use, they also should teach you how to maintain that equipment to maximize its useful life.

Face painting courses teach students what kind of equipment to buy.
Face painting courses teach students what kind of equipment to buy.

Safety is another important aspect of face painting courses. In addition to ensuring that a site is set up safely, you might learn how to keep your brushes, sponges and other equipment safe and free of bacteria or other germs as well as how to safely paint faces. Your instructor is a good person to ask about any special certifications, licenses or insurance that you might need to be a face painter in your area.

Many face painting styles start with a base coat of paint. This base coat often sets the stage for the rest of the paint, creating a cohesive design. In most face painting classes, you will learn how to skillfully apply several colors of paint to a face and how to blend it properly to create an appropriate base coat of paint. Learning how to use various tools to create various effects might be part of the instruction.

How to paint lines and shapes on faces is another part of good face painting courses. Given the various features and textures of faces, it is crucial for a prospective face painter to learn the skills necessary to master these techniques on a variety of faces. Some courses even claim to help you with a shaky hand if you have one.

Face painters usually love learning new face paint designs. Most face painting courses teach students how to create at least a few quick and basic designs so that by the end of the class, they are ready to put their talent to use. Other courses are meant for the more advanced face painter and will teach beautiful and intricate designs.

Discussion Comments


@Ana1234 - I would definitely decide what the point of the lessons are before I took them. There are face painting courses out there to certify people so they can paint cat whiskers onto kids at carnivals. There are also courses out there so that the students can learn to make a person look like a Klingon.

They might have some overlap, but you still need to decide which face painting classes are going to teach you what you want to know.


@Iluviaporos - I don't know about that. There are some amazing face painting tips available online, from people who do cosplay and costuming in general and know what they are talking about.

They might not be able to replicate the artistry of some forms of body paint, but that's not the point.

They are usually trying to create a particular costume or effect with the face paint and they will succeed in that.

Body painting is wonderful, but it's basically just painting on a strange canvas. Face painting might be able making a work of art, but it might also be about achieving a particular look. You might even be better off taking classes on makeup in general to learn about how to make the face look a particular way.


Body painting in general is becoming more and more recognized as an art form and I imagine that face painting will be included in any course that teaches it.

If you are just looking for a way to paint kid's faces you could probably figure out how to do that with a book and some practice. But if you're hoping to make a career out of this I would see if there are any body painters near you who are willing to host a course, or even take you on as an apprentice.

There are some things you just won't be able to learn without a mentor.

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    • Face painting courses teach students what kind of equipment to buy.
      By: xalanx
      Face painting courses teach students what kind of equipment to buy.