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How Do I Choose the Best Fruit Picking Jobs?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Picking fruit can be a lucrative side job, but it also requires physical stamina and hard work. When looking for the best fruit picking jobs, you should consider how much the job pays and any extras that you may get. Some farms that hire pickers, for instance, may also offer their workers a place to stay and some meals. Most farms also don't have a problem with workers sampling the fruit, so you should choose a fruit farm that grows fruit you like. You may also want to take into consideration the hours necessary, and whether you would prefer to work on a large farm or a small farm.

Several types of people can benefit from fruit picking jobs. These types of temporary farm jobs are an excellent way for travelers and students to make a little extra money. Fruit pickers should be in excellent physical shape, since this job is all about hard work.

Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.
Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.

You will most likely want to take into account the amount of money that you could earn when considering fruit picking jobs. Some farms will pay you hourly, since this usually results in fewer bruises and blemishes on the fruit. Other farms, however, may pay their fruit pickers a certain price for each container of fruit picked. If you can work very fast, you will usually be able to earn more money at these types of fruit picking jobs.

Strawberries are picked by hand.
Strawberries are picked by hand.

A few fruit farms may also offer their fruit pickers a place to stay as well as some meals. This can come in very handy for travelers. These accommodations, however, are usually very basic. You may also have to pay a small fee for these privileges, but this fee is usually much less than that of a motel, hostel, or inn.

Depending on the farm, you might also be able to enjoy some of the fruit that you pick. For this reason, you should consider fruit picking jobs that involve picking fruit that you like. Since some farms may view this as stealing, however, you should first check with a supervisor before snacking on the merchandise at lunchtime.

Apple pickers are hired on during late summer to fall.
Apple pickers are hired on during late summer to fall.

The hours of fruit picking jobs will usually vary, depending on the farms. Some fruit farms may require that you start very early in the morning and work just until the afternoon. Other farms, however, may give you the option to work from early morning until dusk. Although these are longer hours, they will give you the opportunity to make more money.

Fruit picking jobs are available on both large fruit farms and small ones. Large-scale fruit farms may have a more rigid and structured picking operation. The supervisors and workers at small-scale farms, on the other hand, may be a little more relaxed and laid back.

Discussion Comments


Does anyone know how much fruit pickers get paid? I'm surprised the article doesn't mention this. Also, just an assumption, but I'm assuming it's one of those jobs where you work hard for very little.


Though the article didn't touch upon this subject, one thing that really has me questioning this job is the fact that it can be used as a form of slavery.

Just for an example, has anyone heard of tomato slaves? For those that don't know, there are people in Florida who (unwillingly) grow tomatoes to your nearest grocery store. It's quite shocking, actually.

Obviously, there are some legit fruit picking jobs, but on the other hand, it's always a good idea to be cautious, and do some research as well.


Fruit picking jobs aren't always the best, but if you're looking for a way to earn money, it certainly gets the job done. However, as the article stated, one thing you really need to realize is that it requires a lot of intensive labor and hard work. It doesn't come easy, especially on the hot summer days where the temperature can even reach up to one hundred degrees.

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    • Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.
      Kiwi fruit growing on the vine.
    • Strawberries are picked by hand.
      By: JOsh moates
      Strawberries are picked by hand.
    • Apple pickers are hired on during late summer to fall.
      By: volff
      Apple pickers are hired on during late summer to fall.