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How do I get a Dental Technician Job?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are four steps to qualify for a dental technician job: training, practical experience, interview, and recommendations. These items must be completed before you will be a successful candidate for a dental technician job. Dental technicians work in specialized laboratories that are affiliated with local dental practices.

A dental technician is also known as a dental laboratory technician. The responsibility of a dental technician is to create dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. These items are custom built for each client and are based on the moldings and instructions provided by the dentist. There are some dental technician jobs that do not require post secondary education, but the vast majority of employers prefer to hire trained candidates.

A woman having a dental exam.
A woman having a dental exam.

Two-year programs are available from career and community colleges. They provide a combination of theoretical and practical experience to ensure you are able to obtain a dental technician job. There are also programs available at the university level that takes four years to complete and offer a bachelor's degree upon completion. Programs with a practical component are a real advantage when looking for a dental technician job.

Certification as a dental technician is available from the National Board for Certification, which is managed by the National Association of Dental Laboratories. This additional qualification is available to technicians who have a combination of theoretical and practical experience. All candidates must pass a written and practical exam to become certified. Practical experience can be gained through job placement opportunity or part time employment. The skills required for this position are excellent manual dexterity, ability to distinguish color variations and attention to detail.

Apply for positions as a dental technician by submitting your resume in response to job postings. Many colleges provide a career center that specializes in resume assistance and interview success sessions. Take advantage of these opportunities to increase your chance of success.

The company will contact you to request an interview before making any offer of employment. Arrive at the interview at least five minutes early and be prepared. Dress in business attire and review your resume in advance. During the interview process, answer all questions as clearly as possible and prepare at least three questions for the interviewer. These questions should be about the company itself, clients, and business practices.

Have a list of professional references available to provide to the potential employers. These references can be instructors, prior employers and other people who have worked with you. Avoid using friends or family as references.

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    • A woman having a dental exam.
      By: michaeljung
      A woman having a dental exam.