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How do I Strengthen an IT Sales Resume?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Information Technology (IT) is a branch of engineering that focuses on computers and the storing, receiving, and sending of data. This field also often includes telecommunications. A professional who specializes in IT sales is responsible for gaining new clients and communicating with customers in order to increase profits by selling hardware, software, and accessories associated with computer functions. Many in this line of work often need an IT sales resume, which is distributed to potential employers in order to illustrate factors such as a professional's experience, education, and skills. In order to strengthen an IT sales resume, it can be helpful to structure the resume so that it draws attention to relevant skills and experiences that make you a more desirable job candidate.

Many career experts believe that the strongest resumes are those in which your most valuable assets are emphasized through prominent placement. For an IT sales resume, it might be useful to list the companies, firms, or businesses for which you have worked. Include the dates of employment for each listing and also provide a brief summary of duties and tasks for which you were responsible.

A resume.
A resume.

Another model for a strong IT sales resume is one in which a summary of accomplishments is listed at the top. This section can then be followed by the employers for whom you've worked. Next you can list your educational experience, followed by any personal information regarding recreational activities or interests that are relevant to a sales career in IT.

Different employers and positions require different specialties. Likewise, many IT professionals have had a number of different experiences and have honed a wide variety of skills. This makes it important to customize your resume for each job position to which you apply. For example, if you have had three years selling hardware and four years selling software, you may want to move your experience and skills directly related to software sales to the top of the resume for those job openings in which a knowledge of software is more relevant. It can be helpful to research companies prior to applying to positions with them so that you can learn about values and specializations that can enable you to create a more customized resume.

Neatness and organization can be crucial in determining the strength of an IT sales resume. Your name and contact information should be centered at the top of the document. It is also a good idea to make sure that margins are even and that all of the spelling and grammar on the resume is correct. Additionally, career specialists believe that the most effective resumes are concise, generally limited to one page.

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    • A resume.
      By: NAN
      A resume.