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My Family’s Experience with Learner: Do the “World's Best Math Tutors” Really Measure up?

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My son’s Algebra 2 grades – and his confidence – quickly recovered after he began working with an online Learner math tutor

In recent years, Learner has become one of the most popular online math tutoring platforms for high school students looking to improve their grades and test scores. Learner self-professes to be home to "the world's best math tutors." That sounds great – but does Learner live up to this bold claim?

As the mom of a busy high school student whose math grades and stress levels have significantly improved since he started working with a Learner tutor, I'd like to share our experience with this tutoring platform. I’ll discuss how to start with Learner, the tutor-matching process, and what makes Learner unique. 

Based on how my son’s attitude towards math has completely changed since we began this process, I think it’s fair to say that Learner’s math tutors are world-class. Although each family’s situation is unique, I’m confident that Learner’s personalized approach to math tutoring will be a great fit for most students struggling with math.

Damon’s Story

My son, Damon, is a junior in high school. That puts him in Algebra 2 right now. He also loves soccer, which takes up a lot of his time and energy. He plays competitively for the school and county teams, usually training six days a week.

Damon used to be an “A” student in his math classes. But this year, soccer became such a high priority that it didn't leave much time for academics. He was still doing okay in his other subjects, but math had become a struggle, and he began to get frustrated and stressed about every homework assignment and test. Earlier this year, his grade dropped to a “C” – unfortunately, it only seems to be trending downward.

Although Damon reached out to his math teacher for additional help, she has a class of nearly 30 students and is clearly overextended. They met a few times during lunch, but it was clear to me that he would need more focused attention to catch up.

I could see how much he was worried about school, which was very out of character. The stress was building up and had really dented his confidence. It was tough because I wanted him to keep up with the thing he loves and enjoys so much. I didn't want to pull him out of soccer, but I knew he couldn’t go on like this. I needed to find him some real help.

Why We Chose Learner

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In addition to researching math tutors online, I asked several friends for suggestions. One of my friends told me about how her daughter turned her Calculus grades around with the help of a Learner tutor, and she only had positive things to say about the experience. After perusing the company’s website and reading about their tutors, mission, and reviews, we decided to give Learner a try.

It was clear that Learner tutors are adept at serving students of all ages, grade levels, and abilities. Unlike many tutoring companies, they customize their entire approach to each individual student who needs their assistance.

That's what caught my attention the most. I felt that Damon's situation was unique (and isn't everybody's?). So I was glad to learn they didn't have a cookie-cutter approach but instead would take time to understand him and his specific challenges and meet him where he is.

Getting Started

After my initial research into Learner, I gave them a call. I was feeling really concerned about Damon and told them we were ready to start as soon as possible – I didn't want him to keep struggling any longer.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Learner’s Academic Advisor. They asked several questions to get the full picture of Damon's struggles, current situation, and personality. I was surprised but impressed that, in addition to asking about how he is faring in school, they also asked questions about how he interacts with friends and about his hobbies. They truly wanted to get to know him and get the full context of his current challenges.

Our Experience with Learner Tutoring

After our chat, the Academic Advisor assessed the information I'd given. They then recommended a tutor for Damon, based on his need for someone with a nurturing side who was still disciplined enough to hold him accountable. I agreed that that seemed like exactly what he needed.

We scheduled his first appointment for the following day. The initial session with our matched tutor was fantastic. Damon and the tutor jumped on a video call where they could see each other's faces while also working on a whiteboard, a white space they could both write on to work through problems together.

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Damon and his tutor hit it off well from the first call. I've listened in on a few of his sessions and been thrilled to hear how engaged he is. Even though he's in that "cool teenager" phase, he's not only clicked with his tutor but also actively participates in their lessons, asking questions and discussing his concerns about the material. Concepts have been coming together for him, and I've noticed he's completed his homework in less time and with less frustration.

Damon's Success Story

From that first session, I could see how having a tutor lifted a massive weight off my son's shoulders. His stress seemed much more manageable. He's told me that keeping up his grades AND keeping up with soccer feels much more doable now.

Within just a few weeks, my son had already moved up to a B in his Algebra 2 class! He is approaching school with renewed enthusiasm, and I can tell that his confidence has essentially returned. Things are trending in the right direction, and I could not be more thankful to Learner for their help.

What Makes Learner Different? 5 Reasons to Try Online Math Tutoring

Many top online math tutor sites assign a tutor without prior knowledge about the student. Other sites allow the parent or student to browse hundreds or even thousands of tutors and decide for themselves, often leaving them feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Instead of taking one of these routes, Learner gets to know the student first before handpicking an ideal tutor from their team of highly experienced math mentors. This process made my job easier and gave me the security of knowing that much thought was put into the decision.

Learner has a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Our first tutoring session was discounted to only $25, with no commitment beyond that. It was a trial run that helped me feel secure in signing up. I liked knowing we would not get stuck with anything we were unhappy with.

We were delighted with Damon's tutor, though I was grateful that we could have switched tutors if it hadn’t been the right fit. Having had the chance to try it out, we quickly signed up for additional sessions so that my son could continue making progress.

Available on most Android and iOS devices, Learner's custom-built tutoring platform hosts all tutoring sessions. This system is ideal for students who prefer to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment while receiving assistance with challenging topics. 

The virtual classroom setting is very interactive, allowing students to converse freely with their tutor to collaborate and figure out how to solve math problems.

Every session gets recorded and is always accessible. This feature is perfect for students to go back and reference in their spare time. In school, students take notes when the teacher speaks, but when they refer to their notes, they can't hear how the teacher explained the concept. With Learner, they can rewatch the video as often as necessary to help increase their understanding of specific lessons. 

Learner's "white glove" service promises to be available and provide an elevated level of attention to your questions and concerns. Although there is no online chat option, you can call them or use the online contact form for a prompt response.

Parents need to be involved in their children's learning process. Even if you’re absent during your child’s tutoring sessions, you don't have to worry about missing anything. The tutors offer feedback after every session to track the student’s progress and note areas that still need improvement. They provide this feedback to the student and the parent, keeping everyone in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the perfect tutor for your child can be a daunting prospect. You want to make sure you get it right, you want to save time getting your child back on track academically, and you want to save your money. If this is your first time hiring a tutor, check out the answers to some commonly-asked questions to put your mind at ease. 

What can I expect from an online math tutor?

Math tutors can give students the attention and assistance that the classroom environment and traditional textbooks rarely offer. It's a more personal experience that some kids need to thrive. 

For the most part, online math tutors use video chat to conduct their tutoring sessions. A typical lesson involves a mixture of demonstrating examples, explaining various math concepts, and helping students to work through math problems that they are likely to see in school and on tests. 

Will a math tutor really help my student?

Private tutoring has many benefits, as long as you work with a knowledgeable, experienced educator who knows how to connect with their students. Private tutors allow students to take their time and work at a place that suits them. They also have the freedom to ask as many questions as they want. 

This kind of access is almost impossible in a traditional classroom environment. Furthermore, tutors can tailor their lessons to each student’s learning style.

What is the average price for a math tutor?

Math tutor prices can vary according to the tutor’s credentials, your location, and the specific subject matter. On average, a private tutor will charge anywhere from $50-$180 per hour for 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

How does someone become an online math tutor for

When it comes to online math tutors, Learner has strict hiring standards. First, you need a bachelor's degree in math or another relevant subject. You'll also have to provide proof of multiple years of in-person tutoring experience and some years of experience tutoring online.

Lastly, Learner tutors must demonstrate a successful track record with former students. Learner only hires five percent of tutoring applicants to give you an idea of how competitive the hiring process is.

Which math tutoring site is the best?

The best site to assist your student in math will be the one that can meet your student’s specific academic needs and goals while offering convenient and affordable sessions. 

If you're looking for private instruction and unique lesson plans from highly knowledgeable and qualified math tutors, Learner is the site for you.

Final Thoughts on Learner

I highly recommend going to Learner for any of your math tutoring needs. In our experience, we've found that they'll go at the student's pace, answer all their questions, and help them meet their math goals – whatever they may be. 

We loved having the flexibility to schedule sessions around Damon’s busy schedule and the convenience of attending all sessions from the comfort of home. It’s clear that Learner tutors care about their students and are experts at customizing the tutoring experience to meet each person’s unique needs.

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