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What Are Executive Certificate Programs?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

Executive certificate programs are special courses that allow business executives to advance their business, leadership, communication and other skills to make them better business executives and leaders. Some executives take these programs to make themselves more marketable in the job market. Other executives take executive certificate programs to advance their skills and make them better leaders in their own organizations.

There are two primary types of executive certificate programs. One type is a general program that allows the attending executive to go through the courses and exercises. At the end of satisfactorily completing the courses, the executive earns their certificate. They can then take this certificate back to obtain a promotion at their current company or use it as a bargaining tool to obtain a better job in another company.

The second type of executive certificate programs allows attendees to specialize in a particular field. For example, three areas of specialty include administration, leadership and management or in negotiation.

Executive certificate programs generally make managers better leaders.
Executive certificate programs generally make managers better leaders.

Generally, it takes students about one and half to two years to complete executive certificate programs. Most of these programs offer schedules that are flexible enough for working managers, supervisors and executives. This means that the courses are taught only a couple days a week instead of every day of the week. It also means that executives can enroll and complete the certificate programs online rather than traditional classroom training. Finally, it takes less time to earn executive certificates than to earn a four-year degree.

Executive certificate programs not only make managers better leaders, but this translates into making the employees and the overall business more effective, efficient and productive. This is an internal benefit to any or all of the executives in a company earning one of these certificates.

On a personal level, earning one of these certificates can make the individual more marketable. The executive can either find a higher paying and better position in a different company, using it as a bargaining chip for a promotion and pay raise in their current company or an opportunity to start their own business as a consultant.

Some executives complete these types of programs simply to keep their skills sharpened and up-to-date. With new methods and techniques popping up on a regular basis, it is a good idea for executives to stay on the cutting edge of the best techniques for managing and running businesses.

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    • Executive certificate programs generally make managers better leaders.
      By: FotolEdhar
      Executive certificate programs generally make managers better leaders.