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What are the Different Building Inspector Jobs?

Jillian Peterson
Jillian Peterson

There are many different building inspector jobs for those who are certified and have extensive knowledge of construction, architecture, engineering, or construction technology. Inspectors make sure that buildings are sound and safe and that they conform to local and national building codes and ordinances. They can be responsible for many different structures, including public buildings, commercial buildings, private homes, highways, water systems, and bridges. Government agencies, private construction firms, and real estate agencies all hire building inspectors, but many also find work as private contractors.

The majority of building inspector jobs are only available to those who have the proper training and certification. Individuals who are interested in becoming a certified building inspector can find building inspector training at technical colleges, community colleges, or building inspector schools. Most local government agencies require that building inspectors have a certification that ensures that they are well versed in all types of building structural requirements, codes, and safety issues.

Municipalities often hire building inspectors to ensure city buildings are up to code.
Municipalities often hire building inspectors to ensure city buildings are up to code.

Cities, counties, and other local government agencies provide most of the building inspector jobs. Building inspector jobs with cities are especially prevalent. They are available from the municipal building department, which is responsible for inspecting both public buildings and filing inspections on private homes within city limits. A city building inspector is responsible for inspecting structures in the city to make sure that they comply with city ordinances and building codes.

Working as a building inspector who is a private contractor involves inspecting structures for construction firms, attorneys, real estate agents, home owners, or other individuals who need the services of a building inspector. Private contractor building inspectors usually check the safety and code compliance of new construction or houses that are being sold. Self-employed building inspectors will file their inspections with hirers as well as with the appropriate government agency. Once done, this will show that the structure is safe and legal.

There are also building inspector jobs for individuals who specialize in certain types of structures or certain types of safety issues. Building inspectors can specialize in electrical systems; fire safety systems; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; sewage systems; and more. Certain types of structures like public works or elevators can also be specialized in. Specialized building inspectors can find jobs with government agencies, private companies, or be self-employed. Those inspectors with specialized training often enjoy improved job prospects.

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    • Municipalities often hire building inspectors to ensure city buildings are up to code.
      By: fazon
      Municipalities often hire building inspectors to ensure city buildings are up to code.