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What are the Different Model Maker Jobs?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are many different types of model maker jobs, though they all share the creation of physical, three-dimensional (3D) models as a common aspect of the profession. Some jobs for model makers can be found with architecture firms, where a model is often made to represent a building for a client. There are also technical model makers who work with designers of electronics, cars, and just about everything else to create models before work begins on the actual product. Model maker jobs can also include model makers who work on film or television to create physical models and props for productions.

A model maker is someone who makes 3D models, typically physical models, for use in advertising, entertainment, and other business interests. There are many different model maker jobs available, depending on what someone is interested in and the type of models he or she likes to make. Architectural model making is one of the most prevalent types of model maker jobs and typically includes creating scale models of buildings to demonstrate how the final building will appear after construction. This is often done for model homes to convince investors to move forward with a construction project, as well as for large buildings that an architectural firm may be trying to construct.

Some model makers create three-dimensional scale models of proposed buildings.
Some model makers create three-dimensional scale models of proposed buildings.

There are also model maker jobs within the technological and industrial industries. These types of jobs often require a model maker to have a keen eye for design and a sense of how appliances and electronic devices should look. Model maker jobs in these types of industries often include creating a model based on a piece of conceptual artwork to establish how a vehicle, appliance, or device may actually appear. This may include several passes and different models until one is approved and finalized, which may require constructing a model that perfectly represents the final product.

Model makers that work in film and television often create models and props for use in entertainment productions. While digital models made in computers have become increasingly common for use in special effects, some physical models are still used. This often depends a great deal on the director of a production and the effects being created. Some model maker jobs also include the creation of props for use in a production, such as futuristic weaponry, settings, buildings, and vehicles. These types of jobs are often closely tied to working with a concept artist and other artists in creating a final vision that matches what is desired by a director or producer.

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    • Some model makers create three-dimensional scale models of proposed buildings.
      By: Monkey Business
      Some model makers create three-dimensional scale models of proposed buildings.