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What Are the Different Types of Fish Hatchery Jobs?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

There are several fish hatchery jobs available, from fish hatchery technician to hatchery chief. Each position is responsible for a particular set of tasks and must fulfill duties assigned by superiors. While the fish hatchery technician is one of the fish hatchery jobs that typically starts out at minimum pay, it also does not require any specialized hatchery training in order to be hired. Other fish hatchery jobs, such as hatchery manager, require a four-year degree in fisheries biology or a comparable period of time on the job within the hatchery system.

Basic, entry-level fish hatchery jobs include hatchery technicians. This job is responsible for the majority of the work done around the hatchery. From feeding the fish to cleaning the tanks and equipment, these fish hatchery jobs run the gamut in educating the employee to the ways of the hatchery. The technician is also responsible for delivering the fish to rivers, lakes and streams by large tanker trucks and releasing the small fish into the wild. It is due to this operation of the large tanker trucks that a valid commercial drivers license (CDL) is often required of all entry level personnel.

Salmon are often bred in fish hatcheries.
Salmon are often bred in fish hatcheries.

A fish hatchery technician is also called on to perform one of the most important of all fish hatchery jobs, educating the public on the job of the hatchery. Taking trips to schools, fairs and outdoor shows, the fish hatchery technician sets up informational displays that demonstrate life inside the fish hatchery. The technician also fields questions from the onlookers about the job of the hatchery and its role in the management of nature. Assisting the hatchery technician is the assistant hatchery manager. The job of the assistant manager is to oversee the technicians and to keep records of the hatchery operations.

The assistant hatchery manager is commonly a technician who has been promoted. Once the assistant has compiled four to five years experience as an assistant, he or she is eligible to be promoted to hatchery manager. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the hatchery as well as the overseer of the technicians and the assistant manager. Other fish hatchery jobs include the assistant hatchery chief and the hatchery chief. These positions are responsible for providing the information to lawmakers and government authorities who oversee the hatchery program. Scientific studies and fish counts are also handled by the people with these fish hatchery jobs.

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    • Salmon are often bred in fish hatcheries.
      By: Witold Krasowski
      Salmon are often bred in fish hatcheries.