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What are the Different Types of Notary Public Jobs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Notary Public jobs are plentiful, as anyone can become a Notary Public except for convicted felons. Notaries are generally in high demand, especially mobile Notary Publics. Jobs for people with these skills range anywhere from bank associate or law office employee to self-employed notary. Becoming a Notary can not only open up job opportunities, it can also enhance one's desirability for hire or promotion within a company because it is an added skill that will be an asset to law offices, real estate offices, banking centers, or other institutions that often require notary services.

The requirements to become a Notary Public vary from state to state, but every Notary must be a resident of the state in which he or she is applying, and he or she may not be a convicted felon. The process may require special testing or classes, but once the Notary is licensed, he or she may begin pursuing Notary Public jobs. It is best to start looking for Notary Public jobs by inquiring at banks, financial institutions, insurance agencies, law offices, or real estate offices. These types of institutions often need Notary Publics to witness the signing of important documents, and the Notary will therefore be in high demand.

There are a wide variety of notary public jobs.
There are a wide variety of notary public jobs.

Many Notary Public jobs are clerical jobs that can be done with or without a Notary Public license. The license, however, makes that employee more valuable than another employee without it, and such a skill can help the Notary obtain a promotion or additional pay. Many bank tellers often obtain a Notary Public license so they may be more valuable to the bank and add a valuable service. A Notary Public can witness the signing of documents, verify the validity of identification, and in some states, he or she can even perform civil marriages.

A notary public might work as a bank associate.
A notary public might work as a bank associate.

A mobile Notary Public is often in high demand and is a great option for someone who does not mind traveling. Many people or institutions who need a Notary Public are not willing or able to travel to a Notary's office, so a mobile Notary Public will travel to them. The Mobile Notary often charges an extra travel fee on top of the Notary fee itself, so this option can be lucrative for the motivated candidate willing to travel his or her state or region. Whatever path the Notary chooses, he or she must be adept at marketing him or herself and must be willing to be an impartial witness to document signings.

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You can be a notary full time or part time. I’m full time.


Notary agent jobs are in high demand right now. A notary agent plays an important role in the business world. They verify the authenticity of signatures and documents in legal transactions. I encourage you to check out the national Notary Association which is an organization that provides resources for those interested in becoming a Notary. Each state has its own requirements so be sure to check your state for the specifics.


@Kat919 - I've never actually met a full-time notary. The ones I've used have been, for instance, employees at mailbox stores, the lady in a school business office, etc. Basically, people for whom it is convenient to be able to notarize things; it helps them or their coworkers complete their regular duties.

So I don't see why you couldn't do it part-time. It seems like being a mobile notary would work particularly well for you. You could maybe advertise in the Yellow Pages and give your after work and weekend hours. I suspect that most notarizing goes on during the business day, though. Maybe you could convince your employer that s/he really wants a notary around--then they would pay for the certification!


Is being a notary public a full-time job, or is something that you can pursue as a sideline just to make a little extra money? I already have a full-time job, but I'd like to have something I can do evenings and weekends to make a little extra money.

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    • There are a wide variety of notary public jobs.
      By: Iurii Sokolov
      There are a wide variety of notary public jobs.
    • A notary public might work as a bank associate.
      By: Gina Sanders
      A notary public might work as a bank associate.