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What Are the Different Types of Sponsorship Jobs?

Sponsorship jobs vary widely, from Sponsorship Sales Executives who secure sponsors, to Sponsorship Managers who maintain relationships with sponsors, and Sponsorship Analysts who measure the impact of sponsorships. Each role plays a crucial part in the success of events and campaigns. Curious about the skills needed for these roles?
L.K. Blackburn
L.K. Blackburn

Individuals employed in sponsorship jobs work for companies seeking to sponsor events, non-profits, and organizations. They also work for the organizations seeking sponsorship to secure funding, find sponsors, and set up sponsorship programs. Businesses sponsor events and groups as a marketing tactic, to contribute to the community, and to receive regional tax breaks dependent on certain types of contributions. Events and groups require sponsors to fund their goals. Many people employed in sponsorship jobs first gain experience by volunteering in the role for a group, event, or organization.

Work in sponsorship jobs involves the coordination of people, money, and other resources. When an event or group that needs funding accepts sponsorship, they usually agree to provide exposure to the company in exchange for the provided funds. Sponsorship jobs involve contacting businesses who may wish to be associated with the event or organization. This means the individual working in sponsorship needs to be aware of what companies have ties to the group already, such as businesses who a have funded the organization in the past and those who may wish to set up a new relationship.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Once the relationship between the sponsoring company and group is established, the sponsorship coordinator secures a set amount of funding. They then work with the company to receive any promotional materials the company wants used. This could include images for display, such as mascots or logos. These images are sometimes printed on materials that are handed out at events, such as t-shirts, water bottles, and hats.

Sponsorship jobs require the person in charge of setting up sponsorship to be able to build lasting long-term relationships with many varied businesses. Jobs in sponsorship require sponsorship coordinators to keep track of all funding sources and ensure the amount of money needed is received. Funding is requested by writing a proposal requesting sponsorship addressed to a business.

Another type of sponsorship job is to work within a corporation or company and reach out to organizations that need sponsorship. Companies use sponsorship to endorse non-profits they wish to be associated with and to market their brand image to a larger audience. Sponsorship jobs of this type require individuals to distribute available funding to a cause which honors a company's stated mission and increases positive exposure. People employed in this occupation usually first gain experience working for a group that seeks sponsorship.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book