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What Does a Change Manager Do?

A Change Manager orchestrates strategic shifts within an organization, ensuring smooth transitions while minimizing disruptions. They manage communication, training, and support, aligning these changes with the company's goals. But how does a Change Manager navigate resistance to change within an organization?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The main duties of a change manager are to plan strategically for workplace changes and provide company leaders with the tools they need to implement them. Change managers have to consider the entire work environment and how resources and staff could be affected by new scenarios. Rather than being set on one way of doing something, a change manager must vary his or her approach in response to specific changes or situations. Managing and training a team is a common responsibility of change managers.

Conducting both project-based and regular general meetings of his or her team members is usually a frequent task accomplished by a change manager. Hiring, firing and training change management team members may be duties for which this type of workplace manager is responsible. Typically, the manager will look for professional employees who are flexible at adjusting to new situations in the company. Thinking critically as well as creatively while working on developing strategy to effectively handle industry or other changes is required by change managers and their employees.

Woman posing
Woman posing

A change manager often must accomplish communication between different company departments with the help of team members who may work in different areas. Keeping organized as well as aware of different company projects is an essential part of a change manager's job or a smooth overall operating system is unlikely overall for the firm. Most change managers keep in touch regularly with other department heads.

Circulating memos, needed documentation and other forms of written communication between departments may be part of the job descriptions of change managers depending on the size of the company in which they work. Regular meetings with other team leaders and supervisors is likely to be necessary for a change manager. Company systems and technology have to be aligned with the changes in the company, so change managers must be able to bring all of the objectives of different corporate departments together.

Keeping change management strategy in line with the company's goals and/or mission statement must also always be addressed by these managers. They can't usually drastically alter the guiding principles of a business as a way of responding to industrial or economic changes. Brainstorming and coming up with a long list of possible options is a strategy a typical change manager tends to try before deciding on a specific action. Change managers must often use analytical skills in their job.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing