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What Does a Communication Lead Do?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

A communication lead is the person responsible for planning and creating marketing and communications for a company. Communication for a business includes internal and external communications, such as emails, advertisements, manuals, letters, website content and other verbal and written forms of communication. The lead acts as the manager of all of the forms of communication.

One of the primary roles of a communication lead is to meet with the team leaders in each area or department of a company. Through these meetings, the lead works with the other team leaders to identify the communication needs of the department. The lead also evaluates existing communications for consistency and effectiveness. The lead suggests changes or tweaks to improve or replace the current communication strategy.

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Woman posing

After these meetings, the lead then creates a plan for communication. The plan includes which communications need to be developed and created, the distribution of the communications and a timeline for distribution. The communication lead uses this plan as a guide for implementation.

For example, the lead may determine that an email marketing campaign needs to be developed. The lead will then work to hire a freelance copywriter to write the text for the email. He or she will also work with the in-house graphic designer to develop the layout of the email. The lead then overseas the work of the two professionals so that the text is placed in the design and the email is provided to the database manager for emailing out to the intended recipients.

A communication lead is also responsible for measuring the effectiveness of the communications the company sends out internally and externally. Based on tracking the results of each campaign, the lead then suggests and recommends changes, if any, in order to improve the effectiveness of the communication.

Branding and messaging are two other issues that the lead of communications deals with on an ongoing basis. He or she reviews all of the communication to ensure that the brand and messaging is consistent across the board.

Finally, the lead generally reports to the head of the company on all matters related to communication and marketing for the business. Communication is one of the departments of the company that deals with all of the different departments, such as sales, finance, production and more. This is why the communication lead meets with the heads of all of the different departments and reports the progress of communication efforts to the head of the company.

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A communications lead basically determines the process for communications and makes sure that it runs smoothly. If the communication is for customers, than the lead makes sure that the message is in line with the company's overall image and identity.

A communications lead basically determines how the world is going to see and think about that brand. It's a very important position.


@literally45-- That's a good question.

I'm not an expert on this topic but I think that it can be both ways. It probably depends on the size of the company and how they prefer to run communications. Large companies may have two separate teams for internal and external communications. Small companies probably just have one team led by one communications lead for everything.

What small companies often do is that they have one person and team manage all communications. But if they need extra help for a specific marketing project, they may hire a temporary consultant to lead or assist with that project.

A communications lead is a permanent position that is always with the company. Consultants may be hired as the need arises.


I had the impression that the communication lead manages external communications with the public only. Or does the lead manage two teams, one for internal communications and one for external?

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      Woman posing