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What Does a Document Controller Do?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A document controller is typically responsible for handling and organizing various documents and files at a company, which can include both physical paper documents and electronic digital document files. The controller is typically tasked with overseeing the flow of information through documents in a company, ensuring that proper documents are available or sent to those who need them. He or she is also typically responsible for overseeing incoming documents, organizing them as necessary, and updating records and logs for tracking these documents. A document controller typically needs to communicate with management and various team leaders and members to ensure the flow of information is accurate and effective.

The primary duties of a document controller at a company are typically the handling and organization of documents within that company. These can be just about any types of documents, including company records and financial logs, internal documents sent between employees or officers of a company, and illustrations for design, architectural, and advertising purposes. While a document controller may be responsible for overseeing physical documents, this position is increasingly related to the control of digital documents and computer files. This means a controller usually uses computer software to help facilitate the organization and distribution of documents within a company.

A document controller oversees documentation related to a company's operations.
A document controller oversees documentation related to a company's operations.

Work for a document controller usually begins when new documents or updated versions of existing documents come into the records for a company. The controller is tasked with ensuring these new documents are seamlessly integrated into the existing records, or updating older records with new information and documents. Different controllers can utilize different systems for these tasks, and much of the organization may be mandated by company policy and the requirements of individual businesses. A document controller is then typically responsible for ensuring the right documents are available to those who need them, and must often answer individual requests for certain files or information by disseminating documents to the appropriate team members.

Since a document controller is responsible for the flow of information throughout a company, he or she must typically be able to effectively communicate with other employees and officers of that company. This requires that the controller understands what is asked of him or her on a daily basis, and be able to fulfill requests for information. Other employees in a company may not necessarily understand how documents are organized, however, so a document controller may need to be able to “translate” what is being requested. He or she may also be responsible for training other employees and managers to understand how documents are stored and sorted, allowing them to more easily access information.

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    • A document controller oversees documentation related to a company's operations.
      By: pixelrobot
      A document controller oversees documentation related to a company's operations.