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What Does a Kindergarten Tutor Do?

A kindergarten tutor provides personalized educational support to young learners, focusing on foundational skills like reading, writing, and basic math. They use engaging, age-appropriate methods to foster a love for learning. How can a tutor enhance your child's kindergarten experience?
YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Kindergarten tutors are people who help to teach kids skills that assist them in their development so that they are prepared for future schoolwork and life experiences. A parent typically hires a kindergarten tutor, who should have a four-year bachelor’s degree in primary education, when his or her child is struggling with concepts in the classroom. These professionals need to be able to communicate well and should enjoy working with young children. Even though the concepts that they teach — math and spelling along with social studies and science — are critical topics, kindergarten tutors must introduce them to kids in entertaining ways by using games or music, for example.

A major duty of a kindergarten tutor is to teach children math skills. This type of professional helps a child to learn how to identify and write numbers as well as count. He or she encourages a student to master introductory subtraction and addition, and to determine which numbers are higher than others. Other mathematical tutoring concepts include learning how to tell time, counting basic change, and pinpointing various types of shapes.

A kindergarten tutor may be tasked with helping a child learn letter sounds.
A kindergarten tutor may be tasked with helping a child learn letter sounds.

Spelling also is an important area of training that people in this field provide. A kindergarten tutor shows students how to tell the difference among letters by their sounds, or phonics. In addition, the tutor helps children to understand language concepts such as alphabetical order and to master how to write out the names of objects using the appropriate letters.

A person in this aspect of the educational industry additionally teaches students social studies skills. For example, kindergarten tutors cover the various roles of people in a family unit and address information on cultures as well as differences in skin color, genders, and languages. Students also practice stating their birthdates, study their phone numbers, and even recognize patriotic symbols under the direction of their kindergarten tutors.

Covering science skills makes up an important part of a tutor’s responsibility when dealing with young children as well. For instance, a kindergarten tutor ensures that his or her pupil understands concepts such as “up,” “down” and “under.” This type of coach also explains to his or her children how their senses of smell, taste and touch along with their abilities to hear and see work together. Kids learn how to identify various sounds in the environment. In addition, a kindergarten tutor is responsible for explaining to students the various weather conditions that exist and the proper ways to dress in different seasons.

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    • A kindergarten tutor may be tasked with helping a child learn letter sounds.
      By: SerrNovik
      A kindergarten tutor may be tasked with helping a child learn letter sounds.