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What does a Measurement Technician do?

A Measurement Technician meticulously calibrates and maintains equipment that gauges various physical quantities like temperature, pressure, or flow rate. They ensure accurate data collection, crucial for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, or research. Curious about how they contribute to your daily life?
C. Daw
C. Daw

A measurement technician is a person who has expertise in installing and maintaining electronic meter reading equipment. They are skilled mechanical workers with detailed know-how and experience with measuring equipment. Measurement technicians know how the machines work, how to keep them in optimum working order, and how to find out if they need recalibration, repair or replacement. There are numerous specialty technician jobs that require them to work in different industry fields, but they basically all have the same responsibilities and tasks.

Often, a measurement technician works with equipment that measures the volumes, pressures, flow rates and related characteristics of gases and liquids. Typically, they are employed in a gas or oil company, or in one that deals with thermo-hydraulic machines and apparatus. They may also work in a laboratory or research facility that uses gases and various equipment and containers for them.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Utility companies also employ measurement technicians to ensure that meter readers installed in homes, offices and commercial spaces are always kept in working order. When customers complain about unusually high consumption that translates to bigger bills, the utility company usually dispatches a measurement technician to investigate the matter. If it turns out that the meter reader gives faulty readings, it is the technician’s responsibility to have it replaced with a functioning one. They also determine if the malfunctioning reader can still be repaired and reused, or if it is no longer serviceable.

A gas measurement technician is a more specific job title that refers to the person in charge of taking measurements from gas equipment, and for maintaining gas gate stations, regulating stations, and deodorization apparatus. They ensure that all these machines are in proper and optimal operation at all times. They see to it that established policies, quality control measures, and safety standards are followed. Often, there are state and federal regulations that lay down standards to be followed to ensure safety and reliability of all machinery.

Typical measurement technician duties include conducting routine inspection and periodic testing of all meter reading equipment. The measurement technician is required to keep complete logs of his inspections and tests. He also needs to update pressure or volume charts, and any other monitoring charts that are typically placed near equipment or machines to display current values that everyone can see.

Ordinarily, the measurement technician is assigned to a specific department with a chain of command in place. They answer to an administrative superior, who may give them additional, but related, duties from time to time. They also may be assigned to work with other colleagues, or as a part of a team, which can be a pleasant break from their usually solitary rounds.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip