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What Does a Mobile Locksmith Do?

D. Grey
D. Grey

A mobile locksmith has been trained and possibly licensed to work with locks and generally travels to do so. He or she may be skilled in lock repair, lock assembly, or knowledgeable in a specialized field of locksmithing, such as a forensic locksmith would be. Depending on the area in which the mobile locksmith lives, he or she might need certain training or licensing in order to work legally. These kinds of locksmith may be self employed or work as an employee for a company.

The kind of training a mobile locksmith undergoes generally includes not only familiarizing his or herself with a number of different lock types, but developing a detailed understanding of how locks work. This enables the individual to have a better chance of working with a lock even if he or she had never encountered its specific type before. Completing the necessary requirements to receive a certificate from a locksmithing organization, such as the Associated Locksmiths of America, can help a mobile locksmith brush up on their technique and, possibly, generate more business. In order to become licensed, in areas that require it, the locksmith may have to pass a criminal background check and pay a registration fee.

A mobile locksmith must be familiar with a variety of lock types.
A mobile locksmith must be familiar with a variety of lock types.

A locksmith who travels might work in domestic settings, business environments, or both. A common task for a mobile locksmith might be to assist a client who has accidentally locked himself out of a car or to go to a client's house and unlock a door in a similar situation. Being able to quickly and reliably open, replace, or repair locks is generally necessary for mobile locksmiths, especially when assisting someone at a business establishment, where time may be of great importance. The locksmith brings a set of tools, usually consisting of a wide array of locksmithing tools and accessories that are useful in a number of situations, to complete these jobs.

The locksmithing industry has a number of different specializations, many of which might fall into the mobile category. For example, a forensic locksmith is capable of determining whether a lock has been tampered with. These kinds of locksmiths generally work with law enforcement or security agencies. An institutional locksmith usually works within a single company or organization and may only need to be familiar with a handful of lock types. Mobility may be necessary, depending on the size of the organization and how many buildings or locations the locksmith is responsible for.

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    • A mobile locksmith must be familiar with a variety of lock types.
      By: m-buehner
      A mobile locksmith must be familiar with a variety of lock types.