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What Does a Rigging Supervisor Do?

B. Turner
B. Turner

Riggers use ropes, cables, and other equipment to move large or heavy objects. These workers are led by a rigging supervisor who helps to coordinate the efforts of his crew. The rigging supervisor plays an important role in employee safety, and is responsible for protecting workers, property and the public from danger or damage. In addition his work alongside the rigging crew, the supervisor also handles business tasks such as budgeting, scheduling, and record keeping.

Riggers work in a variety of industries, and those promoted to supervisory positions generally have extensive experience within a specific area of rigging technology. These crews are often found on construction sites, where they are responsible for erecting steel and concrete supports and loading large equipment onto rooftops. Riggers also play a role in manufacturing, mining, and shipbuilding. Some are employed in theatrical productions, where they lift and lower scenery and lighting, or even rig actors to make it appear that they are flying.

Some rigging supervisors coordinate crews at construction sites.
Some rigging supervisors coordinate crews at construction sites.

No matter the industry, the rigging supervisor acts as the leader of his crew, helping to coordinate the efforts of workers in different areas. He closely supervises rigging activities, and works to maximize communication and performance. Supervisors also inspect equipment and cables to spot potential safety risks, and schedule any required maintenance or repairs. He works closely with site supervisors and other tradesmen to avoid conflicts or potential dangers with other work crews in the area.

Rigging supervisors also act as personnel managers out in the field. They make decisions regarding hiring or firing of employees, and may be consulted for recommendations on promotions and transfers. These supervisors also oversee training of new and existing employees to ensure they know how to operate equipment and handle complex tasks as safely and efficiently as possible. A rigging supervisor may be responsible for keeping records of his employee's hours, and submitting these records to a central office for payroll.

Finally, the rigging supervisor is responsible for all business activities and paperwork related to his assigned projects. This includes preparing estimates for changes or additions to the contract, and reviewing the contract itself for errors in pricing or scope. He manages the project budget, and maintains a schedule of work activities and employee shifts. These supervisors often keep detailed records and submit daily progress reports as required by the company. He attends meetings with the project owner, local inspectors, and other contractors to coordinate on the most effective method of transporting specific objects or materials.

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    • Some rigging supervisors coordinate crews at construction sites.
      By: carlosseller
      Some rigging supervisors coordinate crews at construction sites.