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What Does a Security Manager Do?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

The responsibilities and tasks of a security manager can vary somewhat, depending on the type of work a manager is doing and the specific position he or she has. This position in many workplaces is one that requires an employee to ensure physical security in a real world environment, often through protection of various products or assets, as well as oversee the personal security of customers and employees in a workplace. The security manager can also work in information technology (IT) and work to ensure the protection and security of digital information, usually through the development and implementation of various security protocols and the use of security software and hardware.

A security manager is an employee at a company responsible for security and safety at the company. This can take a number of different forms, though typically the manager will be responsible for physical, real world security or digital security. The person in this position at a company, especially a small company, may be responsible for both forms of security as well as other tasks that are also applicable.

Security managers work to prevent the theft of sensitive information.
Security managers work to prevent the theft of sensitive information.

Real world security handled by a security manager will often involve protecting merchandise or supplies in a work place, as well as the safety and security of employees and customers. A manager in this type of position will often oversee or be responsible for inventory of supplies and merchandise, and may also be responsible for instructing other employees in various security methods used by the company. This manager will also tend to oversee the work environment provided by a company or location, ensuring safe work habits are observed and maintaining any safety standards legally required in a particular country. The duties can also involve hiring, training, and overseeing other security personnel, especially at a hotel or casino and in other large businesses.

A security manager working in IT will typically be responsible for overseeing the security and privacy of information for a business. This often involves ensuring security measures are taken to protect computer systems and servers for a company. Antivirus programs, firewalls, and other security measures are typically chosen and set up by a manager in this type of position; active measures to ensure security are also taken, including monitoring employee activities on company computer systems and running regular scans of systems at a business. An information, or IT, manager may also be responsible for a team of IT security personnel, although this depends on the size of a company.

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    • Security managers work to prevent the theft of sensitive information.
      By: Africa Studio
      Security managers work to prevent the theft of sensitive information.