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What does a Tool Crib Attendant do?

A Tool Crib Attendant manages and maintains tools and equipment in a warehouse or storage facility. They ensure tools are in good condition, track inventory, and distribute tools to staff as needed. They play a crucial role in maintaining workflow efficiency. How does this role impact overall productivity?
G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A tool crib attendant will typically work for a company that has a tool crib where tools for employees of the company are kept. The attendant typically works in both a clerical and practical capacity to ensure that the tool crib is properly stocked and maintained. This means he or she will ensure tools are checked out and returned properly, run inventory checks to ensure tools are not missing, and otherwise keep track of the tools. He or she will also typically maintain the tools, often through grinding, sharpening, and applying other appropriate maintenance methods.

Large manufacturing companies and similar businesses may have a tool crib that is used to house the hand tools and other equipment used for jobs by the company. A tool crib attendant is a person who works for this type of company and is in charge of supervising the tool crib to ensure proper storage and handling of the tools. He or she will typically have an extensive knowledge of a wide range of tools and how to use them, and also proper care and maintenance of such tools. Some companies may also employ more than one attendant to perform a wide range of functions.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

A tool crib attendant will typically work both in a clerical and a maintenance capacity with regard to the tools in the tool crib. In a clerical or administrative role, the attendant will typically oversee the use of tools in the crib and ensure that tools are properly signed for as they are used. He or she will ensure that other employees sign out for tools they are using and inspect tools before they go out and when they return. A tool crib attendant may also perform regular inventory to ensure tools are not missing.

There is also a fair amount of maintenance work typically expected from someone in this position. He or she will usually need to properly care for the tools in the crib and ensure they are ready for use when needed. This work can include lubricating tools, grinding or sharpening tools when needed, and ensuring that new tools are ordered when necessary. Businesses that employ more than one tool crib attendant may have one who focuses on maintenance, especially with expensive tools and equipment, while others handle administration and inventory.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips