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What Does an Appraiser Trainee Do?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

An appraiser trainee is a real estate professional who is in training to become a professional appraiser, and these junior staffers in real estate businesses will pursue all of the duties and responsibilities of a certified or professional appraiser of real estate. Appraisers build complex value estimates for real estate properties, according to many individual factors. The appraisal trainee will learn to accomplish this kind of data collection and reporting, usually while learning from an established real estate appraiser.

At the core of their professional training, appraiser trainees will learn how to compile the right information in order to provide accurate appraisals for properties. They may learn about how to appraise real estate for purchase, investment, or mortgage valuation. They will generally track the work of established appraisers to figure out how to build comparative assessments of value, using industry information resources and technology. Appraiser trainees will learn about any established formulas for estimating real estate value.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

One other core objective of appraiser trainees is the presentation of an accurate value estimate. Presentation may include providing photographs or blueprints of a property, along with an extensive description of buildings and appurtenances such as fences or small outbuildings. Appraiser trainees will examine the conventional format for these appraisals, and learn how to verify them against possibilities of fraud, conflict of interest, or other concerns.

One major issue for an appraiser trainee is the suggestion that inaccurate appraisals are rampant within certain real estate sectors. Residential or commercial appraiser trainees may need to learn more about how to defend their findings in a field where many subjective factors influence property valuations. Appraiser trainees may go through extensive training in order to understand how appraisers deal with the suggestive nature of real estate value, including the immediate surroundings of a property, its perceived and intended uses, and much more.

Since appraisers need to meet certain credentialing qualifications, an appraiser trainee may also learn a lot about state licensing requirements for this type of job. They will often take courses in real estate ethics, as well as real estate math or valuation methodologies. Through these detailed types of training, the real estate appraiser trainee will prepare for an eventual career as a certified and qualified real estate appraiser.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip