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What Does an Automated Tester Do?

An automated tester designs and executes software tests to identify and fix bugs, ensuring the software's optimal performance. They use automated testing tools to speed up the process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Curious about how they contribute to the overall software development process?
YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Automated testers are professionals who come up with directions to test computer software products to make sure that they meet established specifications and standards. Their goal is to help their companies to produce high-quality goods that meet the needs of their end users. An individual who works as an automated tester designs software testing requirements in addition to facilitating the testing process and analyzing the results. This type of professional also communicates his or her findings to business leaders and works to keep his or her skills fresh through industry training opportunities.

A chief responsibility of an automated tester is to create tests for software products. This type of individual works both independently and with a team of people to put together test scripts. These essentially are instructions that must be followed when testing a particular computer system to ensure that it operates correctly by achieving anticipated responses. An automated tester’s aim is to make sure that testing procedures are as high-quality as possible.

An automated tester creates tests for software products.
An automated tester creates tests for software products.

Executing tests and monitoring their results also constitute duties in this industry. An automated tester has to make sure that the software testing process goes smoothly and then studies the results of the activity to determine what computer program issues need to be addressed. For this reason, strong analytical and problem-solving skills are a must in this job position. A person in this career area also must be able to prioritize which system defects must be solved first, as well as make sure that these activities are performed within a set budget.

Solid communication skills are necessary to excel in this career area as well. A person who seeks to become an automated tester is responsible for drafting reports on the findings of his or her software tests and must present this information to company leaders and other stakeholders. The professional additionally has to produce documents that detail his or her automated testing methods as well as any progress made in addressing technology bugs during the software development process. Communicating these updates to the management team is a significant responsibility of an automated tester.

Staying up-to-date in this constantly-evolving field also is part of the job. Automated testers have to attend college courses or seminars offered at professional industry conferences to remain current on developments in testing tools and procedures. In addition, an automated tester must be well-versed on his or her own company’s standards for ensuring that technology products function at their optimum levels.

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    • An automated tester creates tests for software products.
      By: silver-john
      An automated tester creates tests for software products.