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What does an IT Assistant do?

Josh C. Airman
Josh C. Airman

An information technology (IT) assistant is responsible for providing general information technology services and direct support to computer users. A person who does this job may have quite diverse daily tasks. He or she may sometimes be required to work abnormal hours, including early morning, overnight, and weekend shifts, based on the employer's needs.

In an average day, an IT assistant may generate support tickets for pending services, monitor networked equipment, perform regular technology maintenance duties, and research possible technologies for department purchases. He or she can also expect to contribute operational policies and organize files related to IT department operations. Complex configuration tasks are likely to be performed, too, albeit under the guidance of supervisors.

A wireless router, which an IT assistant can install.
A wireless router, which an IT assistant can install.

This job is possibly one of the most hands-on positions in an IT department because of the wide range of support services it offers to other members of the organization. In most cases, the person's job description will include duties beyond remote technical support. Many organization-specific user manuals and training seminars are the responsibility of this individual, and he or she may be required to prepare written guidelines for other employees and run workshops.

IT assistants provide users with computer support.
IT assistants provide users with computer support.

Ultimately, an IT assistant works as a direct contact point between the department and the rest of the organization. In some cases, the job description may list the term “catch-all” under the assistant's duties list. This means that he or she will be asked to perform any IT-related task assigned to him or her, as long as the person is capable of performing the task correctly.

For people who enjoy physically configuring and installing computer systems and network devices, this job could provide a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Most PC and local-area network (LAN) hardware installations are the responsibilities of IT assistants. System image maintenance and deployment typically also fall to these employees.

While all of the tasks performed by IT assistants are important, some might be less than thrilling. They may take on more basic responsibilities, such as Ethernet wiring installation, cleaning internal computer components, and changing printer cartridges. Someone in this job can expect to perform some physical tasks, such as bending, lifting, pulling, and carrying objects weighing 60 pounds (27.2 kg) or less.

For many people, this position is a fulfilling role because of the variety of tasks it involves. Strong interpersonal skills, technical knowledge, effective communication, creative problem solving, and reliable organizational skills are important to the job. Those showing promise often find themselves earning promotions within their departments.

Discussion Comments


@strawCake - I know someone who works as an IT assistant, and while they get to do different things every day, my friend tells me it can be pretty tiring. At her job, she does everything from installing hardware to helping people in other departments with their technical problems, as the article said.

She finds it kind of stressful, because there is always a ton of work to be done. The company she works for is a little bit understaffed in the IT department, so she sometimes works really long hours.


I'm not in the computer field, but if I were I think I would probably enjoy the job of IT assistant. It sounds like an IT assistant gets to do a bunch of different things, which I find appealing. I hate doing the same thing at a job, day in and day out!


@betterment - I think it might depend on the kind of business the information technology assistant works for, and how big it is. I used to work for a small insurance office, and we had IT assistants that could help us with technical difficulties. They didn't work in the office though, we could reach them by phone.

We had a dedicated phone number to call the IT department when we needed technical support. The IT assistants were usually very helpful, and they could remote in to our specific computer and fix things that way, which I really liked.


It sounds like information technology assistants provide technical support to people within an organization, rather than customers of the business. I wonder if they usually do this support over the phone or in person? Or maybe both?

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    • A wireless router, which an IT assistant can install.
      By: Scanrail
      A wireless router, which an IT assistant can install.
    • IT assistants provide users with computer support.
      By: George Dolgikh
      IT assistants provide users with computer support.