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What Is a Phone Banker?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A phone banker is an employee of a bank or credit union who works with bank customers and potential customers over the telephone. The duties of the phone banker vary between individual banks, but typically include providing basic customer service, assisting customers with setting up accounts, and informing customers about services and products that may be of use to them. Telephone bankers will also refer customers to other divisions if their circumstances warrant more specialized help. Phone bankers typically have a background in customer service or telephone sales prior to being hired to provide telephone banking services. Those who are successful in an entry-level position may go on to do supervisory work or, depending on their credentials, may enter into other areas of the banking industry.

Many people depend on various types of technology to accomplish standard banking tasks, such as checking balances, confirming whether a check has been cashed, or transferring funds between accounts. While many banks have automated telephone systems and websites that can provide this information without the need to speak with a live person, if a customer is confused about the process or runs into a technical glitch, a phone banker can assist the customer with resolving the situation. The telephone banker can also answer a customer’s questions about policies and procedures and help resolve problems with a customer’s account. In some cases, a phone banker may also be called upon to provide special assistance in situations where a customer has been the victim of fraud or theft. The banker may work with the customer to close and reopen accounts, cancel credit and debit cards, and work with law enforcement to put an end to the fraud and apprehend the person or persons responsible.

Some phone bankers assist bank customers over the phone for the customers' convenience.
Some phone bankers assist bank customers over the phone for the customers' convenience.

Some telephone bankers provide financial and banking advice to bank customers. For example, many banks offer different types of checking and savings accounts, and a phone banker can review the customer’s history with the bank and make appropriate recommendations as to which account would provide the most benefit to the customer. In addition, a phone banker may also be able to provide information on investment opportunities offered by the bank and even assist the customer in opening and funding an investment account. Customers may also be able to obtain information about receiving loans through phone bankers, who can walk them through the process of applying online or provide information about the various types of loans available.

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I worked for a couple of years as a phone banker before moving to another position within the bank. In order to do this job well, you have to enjoy talking on the phone and like customer service.

The customer service part didn't bother me, but I got tired of being on the phone all day long. I will say that I gained a lot of valuable experience and think what I learned helped me get the job I have today.

The hardest part of this job was dealing with upset customers. Not only did I need to try and calm them down but also offer them a workable solution to their problem. Sometimes this was not all that easy. Most of the phone calls I had were easy and the customers were pleasant, so thankfully this did not happen very often.


I have found phone bankers to be a great source of information when I can't get something done online or need some additional help. The problem with trying to get in touch with a personal banker is they are usually busy and you have to wait for them to return a call.

The biggest advantage I have found to using a phone banker is that you get immediate assistance.


I think the closest thing my bank has to a specific phone banker is one main number where you can call to get routed to whichever location you are looking for. They employ more than one person who works in this capacity.

I have never found them to be all that helpful when it came down to answering my questions though. Usually I was transferred to a certain location and spoke with a personal banker who answered my questions.

I think it must depend on which bank you are with whether they have phone bankers or not. My bank also has a receptionist in each location who can help direct customers to who they need to talk to and can answer general questions.


When I moved to a new city and was looking for a different bank, I talked with several phone bankers. It was much more convenient to get the information I needed and my questions answered over the phone than driving to each separate bank.

I knew what kind of services I was looking for and most banks offered pretty much the same ones. It is interesting that when it came down to make a decision of which one I was going to use, I went with the one who had the friendliest and most helpful phone banker.

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    • Some phone bankers assist bank customers over the phone for the customers' convenience.
      By: Gajus
      Some phone bankers assist bank customers over the phone for the customers' convenience.
    • A phone banker may help customers set up accounts over the phone.
      By: vgstudio
      A phone banker may help customers set up accounts over the phone.