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What is DeVry?

DeVry University is a reputable, accredited institution offering a wide range of degree programs. Known for its flexible online and on-campus options, it caters to students seeking career-focused education. But how does DeVry stand out in the crowded field of higher education? Let's delve deeper.
Matthew F.
Matthew F.

DeVry Inc. is an international educational institution based throughout North America. It is one of the largest publicly held, for-profit learning organizations in the world, and is the parent company of DeVry Institute of Technology and DeVry University. The organization offers higher learning for their student population through 90 locations in North America and the extensive DeVry University Online network. Opportunities for students include business, technology, science, management, and the arts. DeVry hosts the largest Online University in the world.

Also the parent company for Apollo College, Western Career College, and Ross University, DeVry Inc. hosts major campuses in Calgary, Arlington, Columbus, Kansas City, Orlando, Phoenix, Long Beach, and Houston, among many others. The University offers associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in various subjects, and provides a tri-semester class schedule for students. For students attending classes year-round, a bachelor’s degree can be earned in around three years.

DeVry hosts the largest online university in the world.
DeVry hosts the largest online university in the world.

DeVry University is known for its classes in computer information systems, business administration, communication and engineering. They offer various certificate programs in many information technology fields as well, including office management and health information. Their Masters Degree Programs include public administration, project management, human resources management, and accounting and financial management.

The DeVry Corporation was first founded in 1931 as the DeForest Training School in Chicago. This initial school was named after Lee DeForest, an American inventor with over 180 patents in the first half of the 1900s. DeForest was a close friend of Herman A. DeVry, the founder of the DeVry learning institutions.

DeVry was expanded to include locations in Canada in 1956, and since locations have been established across North American to cater to a student population of over 65,000. In 1987, the Keller Graduate School was incorporated, with Deaconess College of Nursing following in 2005. Becker Professional Review, another sub-institution of DeVry Inc., was added the same year, giving a number of CPA training assets to the University.

According to the university’s official website, the average time to find a field-related job after graduation is six months, and over half of Fortune 100 companies employ DeVry graduates. Since 1995, however, multiple lawsuits have been filed by former students alleging false advertising. The lawsuits have claimed that students were not prepared for jobs after leaving the university, and that the educational quality at the university was sub-standard. The university is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States.

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    • DeVry hosts the largest online university in the world.
      By: elnariz
      DeVry hosts the largest online university in the world.