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How do I Become a Pub Manager?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

In order to become a pub manager, you must be able to successfully understand and direct every aspect of a pub. These managers often must perform the duties of several other people simultaneously, including those of an employee manager, human resources director, accountant and, if necessary, waiter or waitress. In the pub sector, experience usually is more important than education, and working at many different roles within a pub is the best way to learn all of the necessary skills.

Get a strong knowledge of every aspect of a pub, from cleaning the floors to balancing the budget, if you want to become a pub manager. Working at bars is the best way to gain the skills necessary for management. Discover what it takes to be a good waiter, a good bartender, a good bouncer and any other job important to the business. These real-life experiences will help, because a manager is required to understand how each job complements the entire pub.

A pub manager runs a pub or bar.
A pub manager runs a pub or bar.

One of the primary jobs of a bar manager is that of human resources director. The service industry has a large employee turnover ratio, which means there constantly are jobs to fill. To become a pub manager, you must know what makes a good employee and what skill set and experience level are needed for each open position. The experience of working in these roles will help you evaluate talent.

A pub manager must be able to keep accurate accounts.
A pub manager must be able to keep accurate accounts.

One must be able to handle staff management with equal skill. Working out weekly schedules is one of the toughest tasks, because it requires getting several people proper work hours while also ensuring that the pub is not overstaffed or understaffed. Employee management also means ensuring that the waiters and waitresses, bartenders and other employees work well together and are motivated and challenged.

Bookkeeping and accounting are other important components necessary to become a pub manager. Ordering supplies, tallying receipts and analyzing the numbers in order to stay profitable are all essential pieces to running a pub. An aptitude for numbers is very helpful in this case.

Working the various jobs around the pub is great preparation, and a popular step toward becoming a pub manager is working as an assistant manager first. Here, you learn and practice all the skills necessary but with the guidance of the pub manager to help. Often, the assistant manager will oversee less busy times of the day or work in tandem with the pub manager.

Becoming a pub manager requires several years of on-the-job training and learning the various elements that make a pub function. By successfully handling the challenges of staffing, management, accounting and more, you will be prepared. Being a pub manager requires a great ability to retain knowledge and the flexibility to work several jobs at once.

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    • A pub manager runs a pub or bar.
      By: Marius Graf
      A pub manager runs a pub or bar.
    • A pub manager must be able to keep accurate accounts.
      By: robert cabrera
      A pub manager must be able to keep accurate accounts.