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How do I Become a Vocal Coach?

Becoming a vocal coach involves a blend of formal education in music theory and practical experience in singing. It's crucial to master different vocal techniques, understand vocal health, and develop teaching skills. Are you ready to explore the steps to kickstart your career as a vocal coach?
G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

To become a vocal coach, you will typically need to know how to sing and, perhaps more importantly, know how to teach others to improve their own performances. In general, there are typically two distinct steps in this process — the first is learning how to be a vocal coach and the second is establishing yourself as a professional teacher. To learn to be a vocal coach, you can find a school that offers classes in singing and vocal performances, as well as classes on education and teaching others. You will then likely need to establish a business for yourself or find a school looking for teachers in order to become a vocal coach professionally.

A vocal coach is a person who helps others learn to sing or improve their singing abilities. He or she will typically work with a singer to assist the singer in learning how to control breathing, project his or her voice, and other aspects of singing and performing. This is often a combination of technique and physiological methods that can be used by a singer to make his or her performances more effective. In order to become a vocal coach, a person will typically require some educational background and make an effort to establish a business or find a school at which to teach.

A vocal coach helps others improve their singing abilities.
A vocal coach helps others improve their singing abilities.

The first thing you will likely need to do to become a vocal coach is to receive an education in singing and vocal methodology. You should look for performing arts schools and programs that feature singing and vocal work as a degree and consider schools that also offer classes in teaching and education. It is important that you not only learn to sing, and sing effectively, but also learn to teach others what you know. The more effectively you can explain ideas to students, the better you are likely to be as a vocal coach.

While you may not technically require a degree in music or performing arts to become a vocal coach, it will often make finding work easier. Once you have received your education, you will need to actually find a place for yourself within the industry. You might consider teaching private lessons, though this can be somewhat difficult. It is often easiest to pursue this type of private work if you have professional experience as a singer or prior educational experience.

You could instead become a vocal coach at a school or similar place of employment. Depending on where you wish to teach, you may also need further certification to become a professional teacher. This will depend on the type of school and the laws regarding teaching in your state or country. You can also combine these two avenues of work, and become a vocal coach at a school while also providing private lessons for those who wish to advance their performances further.

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    • A vocal coach helps others improve their singing abilities.
      By: yanmingzhang
      A vocal coach helps others improve their singing abilities.