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How Do I Become an Animation Director?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

To become an animation director, you typically need to have a background in animation production and develop your ability to manage a production and lead others. One of the best ways to start this process is to receive an education in animation or fine art, in order to find a position working at a studio as an animator. You can then begin working in animation, since many directors begin as animators and work their way up from within the industry. Once you find work as an animator, then you can take on greater responsibility when available and demonstrate that you have the talent and skills needed to become an animation director.

An animation director is responsible for overseeing the process of creating and developing an animated project. You should consider ways in which you can gain the professional experience and educational background you need to become an animation director. Animation positions are typically quite competitive, so you should begin developing your artistic abilities and go to a college or art school to receive a degree in fine art or animation. You should also consider a minor focus on business administration or management, as this can help you develop secondary skills needed as a director.

Animation directors should have a background in animation production.
Animation directors should have a background in animation production.

Once you have the education you need to be an animation director, then you should begin looking for animation studios or companies in need of animators. These positions can be quite difficult to get into, so you should develop as refined and professional a portfolio as possible while you are in school. You should also consider what type of animation you want to do, especially with regard to the different types of studios and programs often involved in developing animation. Professional experience is quite important, however, so you should remain persistent and find the best opportunity for you.

You should expect to begin at a lower or entry-level position at an animation studio, as it is highly unlikely that you can become a director straight out of school. Even entry-level positions, however, provide the professional experience and knowledge necessary to advance and be promoted within the industry. Whenever possible, you should demonstrate your willingness to take on greater responsibility and look for opportunities to lead certain departments or projects. You can then look for chances to become an animation director within a company where you're already employed, or look for other studios that are hiring and apply for a director position.

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    • Animation directors should have a background in animation production.
      By: eyewave
      Animation directors should have a background in animation production.