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What are the Different Textile Designer Jobs?

Terrie Brockmann
Terrie Brockmann

Textile designer jobs vary in their scope and responsibilities, from the entry-level assistant designer who assists the design team to the senior designer who oversees the team. Generally, a textile designer creates original designs and develops them into a finished product by creating factory-ready designs. These professionals create designs for all types of textiles, including personal apparel, home furnishings, and other fabrics. The designer may be required to create lace patterns, embroidery designs, or printed fabric designs. Often they work with all types of fabric, both synthetic and natural.

When a person is seeking a textile designer job, sometimes the job title can be confusing. Often a company seeks a graphic eesigner for textiles or a textile CAD designer. CAD stands for computer-aided design, and many employers require textile designers to be proficient with it. Frequently a company offers specialty textile designer jobs, such as colorists or print designers. These jobs may not have the word textile in their title, such as graphic designer - colorist, but the job entails working with textiles.

A finished textile.
A finished textile.

There are different ways to qualify for these jobs, but the most common is to get an appropriate degree or schooling. Some companies hire entry-level textile workers and offer an apprenticeship or a work-study program. Most employers require some education and work experience before hiring job applicants. The amount of training and work experience defines the type of textile designer job for which an applicant will be eligible.

A closeup of satin cloth.
A closeup of satin cloth.

Some textile designers specialize in certain areas of expertise, such as children's apparel. Strict government regulations govern a few areas of textile design, such as children's sleepwear, which must be fire retardant. Other companies seek people who understand the requirements of organic or non-allergenic products. As people seek environmentally friendly solutions to everyday living, these textile designer jobs are increasing.

Textile designer jobs are not limited to print or textured fabrics for clothing. The job may entail creating new carpeting, upholstery and drapery, or bed linens. Sometimes designers specialize in lacework or knitted fabrics.

Silk, a type of textile.
Silk, a type of textile.

A textile designer - consultant usually works in the sales field. Frequently, the person works in retail sales, but he or she may also sell the product to other businesses. This wholesale sales position usually requires the designer to have a background in sales. A growing career is the consultant who sells the product in-home. The consultant takes product samples to the buyer, who either a home owner or a manufacturing purchaser.

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    • A finished textile.
      By: sootra
      A finished textile.
    • A closeup of satin cloth.
      By: klikk
      A closeup of satin cloth.
    • Silk, a type of textile.
      By: Subbotina Anna
      Silk, a type of textile.
    • Polyester fabric.
      By: Silvia Crisman
      Polyester fabric.
    • Sateen fabric.
      By: katiagen
      Sateen fabric.
    • A folded square of linen.
      By: Viktor
      A folded square of linen.