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What are the Different Types of Continuing Education Conferences?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are a number of different types of continuing education conferences available for a variety of professions, though in general they tend to break down into those offered by a person’s employer and those offered by a third party company. Conferences of either type can take a number of different forms, including weekend and weeklong conferences. There are also a number of rather unusual formats for continuing education conferences as well, such as those that can be attended while at a resort or on a luxury cruise.

Continuing education conferences are classes and courses that can be attended by a person to help him or her learn new materials for his or her career or profession. These forms of ongoing education are often attended by professionals in a wide range of industries, such as medical professionals, teachers, and accountants. Most continuing education conferences are either offered by a person’s employer or are provided by a third party that provides such conferences to a number of different professionals.

Some continuing education conferences are large and have several speakers.
Some continuing education conferences are large and have several speakers.

When an employer offers continuing education conferences to its employees, such conferences are often mandatory for individuals in a number of different positions, especially management. Various aspects of professional training are typically offered and focused on, including management strategies and methods to further the goals and objectives of a company. These continuing education conferences are usually attended only by employees of the same company and can be used to strengthen the relationships of employees and ensure greater company loyalty.

There are also continuing education conferences offered by third party companies that can be attended by employees of many different businesses. These attendees typically share the same profession, however, and these conferences are a way for people from different companies and different parts of the world to meet and work together. Both types of conference are often attended over a set period of time, usually either a fairly short but intense weekend or a longer week of study that requires less time each day.

Some continuing education conferences utilize somewhat less conventional methods, however, and can be offered in unusual ways. Luxury resorts can often play host to conferences, and these are usually attended by corporate officers who meet and share information and strategies for advancing their company. There are also conferences that can be attended while on a cruise through tropical locations. These types of conferences are usually intended for high ranking employees in a company, and spouses can often be brought along to provide opportunities for training and vacation simultaneously.

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    • Some continuing education conferences are large and have several speakers.
      By: Halfpoint
      Some continuing education conferences are large and have several speakers.