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What are the Different Types of Navy Reserve Jobs?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

The types of U.S. Navy reserve jobs available to enlistees are the same as for active regular duty Navy personnel. From radar technicians and pilots to mechanics, all duties and jobs are open for reservists. The purpose of a reservist is to fill in when needed or to be activated to full-duty status in times of emergency. Thus, the Navy reservist must be qualified to perform every function that a full-time sailor is capable of performing at any time.

Navy reserve jobs require the same education as permanent party sailors receive. The reservist seamen undertake the same training as the regular Navy recruits. The only difference is that when finished with training, the reservist returns home while the regular Navy recruit goes to a duty station or a ship. Computer-related jobs are a top priority in the Navy. Technology is very advanced aboard Navy ships, and Navy reserve jobs address this importance and train the reserve recruit accordingly.

Serving as a fighter pilot is one type of Navy Reserve job.
Serving as a fighter pilot is one type of Navy Reserve job.

By only requiring reservists to serve one weekend a month as well as two weeks a year, the Navy reserve jobs are continually being filled with capable recruits. Navy reserve jobs in high demand at most times are construction type jobs, nursing jobs and logistics specialist positions. These Navy reserve jobs are helpful to workers in the civilian world. Training received in the Navy often gains the civilian employee a positive reflection at his or her day job.

Many employers see the training their employee received while performing Navy reserve jobs as beneficial to the company. Often, the recruit receives invaluable training that the civilian sector would like to provide, but does not have the resources to offer. The Navy reserve jobs allow the individual to rise up through the corporate ladder and be seen as a valuable resource and someone who can train others.

Many leadership jobs are offered in the Navy reserves. This leadership training, as well as hands-on experience in leading a team to complete a given task or mission, is often not readily available in the civilian sector. The opportunity to show leadership is available in the Navy reserve. Reservists are also trained to work under enormous pressure. Reservists are given the ability to reach an objective and obtain a goal while under great levels of stress. Navy reserve training prepares a sailor to achieve such goals. Navy reserve jobs not only prepare a sailor to excel in the Navy, they also prepare a worker to excel in the civilian work place.

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    • Serving as a fighter pilot is one type of Navy Reserve job.
      Serving as a fighter pilot is one type of Navy Reserve job.