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What Are the Different Types of Radio Internships?

Radio internships can range from production, programming, to sales and marketing. Each offers unique experiences, from behind-the-scenes technical work to on-air broadcasting. Which type of radio internship aligns best with your career goals and interests?
E. Reeder
E. Reeder

There are many ways that people can experience radio internships, which are often an integral part of the training received by someone who is interested in a radio career. In the radio field, competition is intense, and paid full-time jobs are not plentiful. Completing an internship can mean the difference between procuring a radio job and not procuring one. Radio internships sometimes even turn into part-time or full-time paid positions. The different types of radio internships include paid and unpaid internships, volunteer work and internships for which college credits are earned.

Internships in the field of radio are ways for people to gain initial experience. If people are interested enough in radio, they might be willing to complete an unpaid internship at a radio station. An unpaid radio internship can pay off in the future by providing valuable experience and insider knowledge.

Radio stations offer various internships.
Radio stations offer various internships.

Schools sometimes offer internship opportunities for their students. Students in a communications degree program at a college or university, for example, might be able to complete an internship at a radio station that would give them college credit and go toward their degree. During an internship such as this, which is usually unpaid, students would work for the radio station, completing whatever tasks are necessary. To receive credit, students must abide by the requirements of their school and the radio station. Also, they usually must earn satisfactory ratings from their supervisor, who would have the opportunity to evaluate their performance at the end of the internship.

Volunteer service is another possibility for completing a radio station internship. Radio stations have various guidelines about volunteer work. As with other radio internships, people who volunteer might be given a choice about which area to help with, whether it is news, music, weather, sales or sports, or they might have to help wherever there is a need.

Paid internships are less often available at radio stations. Radio internships that are paid might take the form of a temporary or seasonal part-time or full-time job. Although it might not necessarily be called an internship, it could essentially function as one. A radio station, for example, might need temporary sales workers to field calls or to call businesses during a fundraising drive. Even though a job like this would be short-term, it would give people experience with radio that could enhance their résumé.

There are certain characteristics that will be similar in any of the different types of radio internships. Interns will be required to do whatever it is that the radio station needs for them to do or will allow them to do, whether that is doing tasks that help the radio show hosts, making sales calls or simply assisting people while they work. Any experience that people gain during radio internships can be added to their résumés and help make them more marketable for a job in the communications industry.

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    • Radio stations offer various internships.
      By: dmitrimaruta
      Radio stations offer various internships.