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What Does a Permit Technician Do?

A permit technician plays a crucial role in the construction industry, ensuring all projects comply with local, state, and federal regulations. They review applications, issue permits, and maintain records. But how does one become a permit technician and what skills are required? Let's delve deeper.
Nick Mann
Nick Mann

A permit technician is a career that involves processing and issuing permits to the public. An example would be a building permit technician who assists a person with obtaining a permit for constructing a home. While the exact type of permit can vary, the basic job duties of this technician are usually the same. These include assisting the public with permit-related questions, reviewing applications for permits, issuing permits, recording applicant information, collecting funds and training personnel.

A large part of this job involves answering questions from the public. For example, if a person wants to construct an in-ground swimming pool, she may contact a permit technician before doing so. The technician would be responsible for answering questions and would inform her about all necessary regulations surrounding the project. This can be done in person, over the phone or by email. A permit technician must therefore be knowledgeable about a variety of permit-related topics and able to effectively communicate specific answers to questions.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Reviewing applications for permits is another important job duty. Before issuing a permit, a permit technician must carefully look over each application and make sure that the proposed project complies with all laws and government regulations. At this time, he will check all of the details and ask the applicant any necessary questions. If the application doesn't follow regulations, it will either be rejected or actions will need to be taken in order to comply with regulations. Otherwise, the applicant's permit request will usually be approved.

Once an applicant is approved, a permit technician will issue a permit. At this time, he will typically record the applicant's information by typing it into a computer. Common information recorded usually involves things like the person's name, address, project intent and other details. This practice makes it possible to easily retrieve information later on if it needs to be reviewed.

It's also the responsibility of a technician to collect funds after issuing a permit. The amount of money involved will differ depending upon what type of permit is issued, but he will need to receive payment before a project can begin. He will also need to record the payment into a computer program in case problems arise with the applicant. Along with this, he will usually be the one who deposits the money into a company bank.

In addition, an individual in this position will often need to train other personnel. Since a permit technician has a significant level of expertise, he will often be responsible for sharing that knowledge with new employees. Doing this keeps everyone the same page and ensures consistency.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing