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What Does a Search Engine Evaluator Do?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A search engine evaluator is typically responsible for entering different words or phrases into a search engine and determining how well the results match the desired outcome. For example, an evaluator might type the phrase "American Revolution" into a search engine and then look at the top results for that query. Through analysis, it can be determined if the results being found are as informative and relevant as they should be. Suggestions may be offered by a search engine evaluator on how improvements can be made, and a great deal of documentation is often provided to indicate where failures are occurring.

One of the primary tasks of a search engine evaluator is the use of different websites to enter queries for Internet results. Someone may be employed by the developer of a search engine, for example, and then provided with various phrases and words to search through that utility. The evaluator documents the top results that come up after such a search, and may provide additional information about the relevance of each entry. This work allows a company to better understand the results of human interactions with a particular engine.

A search engine evaluator must possess general computer skills.
A search engine evaluator must possess general computer skills.

Companies can also hire a search engine evaluator to determine how well their services may be working with different utilities. A company that provides translation services to different businesses, for example, might hire someone to perform this type of analysis. The evaluator can run queries using words and phrases that relate to the information that has been translated and provided by the company. Results from these searches offer information about how successful a translation has been, and how well search engines are tracking the new site. Changes can then be made to a page to ensure that it is accurately located by search utilities.

Communication and documentation is often an integral part of the work performed by a search engine evaluator. Once a query is entered, then the analysis typically involves additional navigation of various pages and websites to determine the results of the search. This information is relayed to developers and programmers that are able to use such metrics to determine how well software is performing.

It is important that the documents provided by a search engine evaluator are accurate and extensive. Others need to understand the results of an analysis, and multiple tests may need to be performed on a single phrase. Time management and motivation can also be required in this position, as an evaluator often has an open schedule and completes tasks within a required timeline.

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    • A search engine evaluator must possess general computer skills.
      By: a4stockphotos
      A search engine evaluator must possess general computer skills.