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What Does a Transaction Coordinator Do?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

A transaction coordinator generally handles various aspects of a complex financial agreement or transaction. These professionals offer particular skills according to the fields in which they work. The transaction coordinator typically works in an administrative role, helping to make sure that all of the details of the transaction are well handled. This clerical or administrative role is often central to expediting necessary deals in nearly any type of business.

One of the best examples of the role of a transaction coordinator is in real estate. Real estate transaction coordinators are some of the most desired types of transaction coordinators on the job market. These individuals help real estate companies, agents, and other professionals to secure a real estate deal by handling all of the many details of this very complex transaction.

Transaction coordinators need to have good communication and computer skills.
Transaction coordinators need to have good communication and computer skills.

Those who are familiar with the real estate process understand that transactions in this field require a lot of documentation and paperwork. The transaction coordinator may help with aspects of settlement on a property, from scheduling to transparency of important forms, and logistics for getting the various parties to sign. Follow-up is often required with buyers and sellers, as well as title companies and other third parties.

In other types of industries, transaction coordinators most often fit their methods to the standards of that particular market. Transaction coordinators in medical fields may focus on aspects of contractual agreements between health care providers and health insurance companies. Transaction coordinators in legal fields may focus on general protocol within a law office, and precedents for billing, collecting, and other aspects of the transactions that happen in that office. Another very common role for a transaction managing professional is in retail, where the individual should know a lot about the market that they are working in, including both common sale prices, and common logistics.

Some employers refer to a transaction coordinator as a transaction assistant, and fill these jobs according to the needs of a busy department that needs an extra administrator. These may be entry-level jobs where the individual learns on the job and becomes more valuable to the company over time. Transaction coordinators need to have a strong grasp of transactional protocols in their fields and industries, as well as good communication skills, computer skills, and some math skills.

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As a full time Independent Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, I am very proud of starting my own successful business in this industry. Being able to work from home and be my own boss is a blessing. I did want to add that a Real Estate T.C. not only has to have great communication skills, but also be detailed oriented, accessible to agents (and their crazy work hours), knowledgeable and current on local, state and federal requirements and well versed in most Real Estate tools, sites and software. And most requirements of any customer service and administrative roles.

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    • Transaction coordinators need to have good communication and computer skills.
      By: michaeljung
      Transaction coordinators need to have good communication and computer skills.