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What does an Administrative Office Manager do?

G. Melanson
G. Melanson

An administrative office manager handles a wide range of administrative responsibilities in the workplace, ranging from providing administrative support to managing office facilities to supervising entry-level administrative staff. Smaller offices that only employ one administrative professional will often designate that person as the office manager to reflect his or her role as a jack-of-all-trades, handling tasks that fall outside the job description of other staff members. Other job titles that are sometimes used include office administrator, administrative manager, administrative officer, and office coordinator.

The level of administrative support provided by these managers depends on the number of other administrative support professionals in the office. For example, if an office also employs executive assistants who provide administrative support to senior management, then the office manager will likely work with the office as a whole rather than working closely with any one individual. In an office without executive assistants, this person may be called upon to manage expense reports for one or more members of management, as well as arranging their meetings and travel accommodations. If the office also employs a receptionist or front-desk clerk, the office manager may supervise or delegate administrative tasks to these staff members, such as opening mail, answering phones, typing, printing, collating, and data entry.

Office managers work with teams and individuals.
Office managers work with teams and individuals.

When it comes to office facilities, administrative office managers are usually responsible for ordering and taking inventory of office supplies, furniture, and appliances; overseeing the operation of office equipment such as printers, fax machines, and phone systems; and coordinating office moves and renovations. If the office doesn’t already have an HR division, this person will typically oversee new employee orientation, including collecting the requisite paperwork from new staff; providing them with items they might need, such as keys to the office or an employee handbook; and introducing them to other staff members as well as the overall operations of the company. Office managers might also handle accounts receivable and payable, as well as perform cost-savings research to determine which products and services are best for the company.

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Moldova- I wanted to add that if the office alarm goes off, the administrative office manager job description would probably entail that he or seh receive the first call from the company’s alarm carrier.

Since managing the office is their responsibly, this aspect of office management would also fall on the office manager. Sometimes office managers get promoted into other areas such as operations or sales for a company.


Subway11-Office managers also have to have a good command of the latest office software like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word 2003.

At times there jobs may involve procurement and the purchase of office equipment like copiers and printers.

They may decide to buy a printer directly from a manufacturer and have a service contract with that company to service the machine and maintain the toner and ink cartridges.

Other office managers might just buy a machine and simply buy the extended warranty that a store offers and stay on top of the ink and toner themselves.

An office manager really wears many hats and has to be flexible enough to wear many more if necessary.


Sunny27-I think the job description of office managers sounds so fun. I enjoy working in an office and really like the camaraderie that you feel in an office.

I know that our office manager also was in charge of catering lunches when the executives had meetings. They also planned Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas gift exchanges.

Other office manager duties include bookkeeping and attending executive meetings. In addition, they might even interview prospective clerical employees and offer feedback to management.

Most administrative office manager job descriptions involve processing employee payroll and keeping track of employee requested days off.


Office manager duties include supervising the administrative clerk, the administrative secretary, and any other administrative office assistants.

In addition to making sure the office runs smoothly, part of the duties of an office manager include ordering supplies.

Maintaining proper inventory of office supplies is crucial because the last thing an office needs is to run have to replace an ink cartridge or toner when there is a pressing deadline on a presentation.

Office manager skills require multitasking ability with strong interpersonal skills. The office manager might schedule periodic audits of files to make sure they are in compliance with the company standards.

They also are in charge of buying office furniture and planning corporate functions like Christmas parties or birthdays.

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    • Office managers work with teams and individuals.
      By: onurakgul
      Office managers work with teams and individuals.
    • Administrative office managers often oversee facilities and office moves.
      By: Tyler Olson
      Administrative office managers often oversee facilities and office moves.
    • An office manager may supervise receptionists or front-desk clerks.
      By: studiophotopro
      An office manager may supervise receptionists or front-desk clerks.
    • Office managers may oversee employee use of equipment.
      By: Amakar
      Office managers may oversee employee use of equipment.
    • Office managers may keep an inventory of office supplies and put in orders for new items.
      By: fusolino
      Office managers may keep an inventory of office supplies and put in orders for new items.