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What does an Android Developer do?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

An android developer is typically someone who develops applications for use on phones that utilize the android operating system (OS). These phones are usually able to download and utilize a number of different applications, called apps, which can increase the usefulness of the phone by providing many new forms of functionality. These apps can include things such as maps that can incorporate data from a phone with built-in global positioning system (GPS) software, as well as games, restaurant locators and reviews, and enhanced media playback. An android developer usually works as part of a team, though individual programmers can also develop apps.

As wireless phones have become increasingly powerful, the software that can be utilized by such programs has also improved notably. Newer phones are often developed with a standard OS much like a computer, and can take advantage of many other programs and apps that can then run on the phone. Different wireless companies utilize different systems on their phones and one such system is the android OS, which is able to take advantage of apps developed and distributed through the “android market.” These programs are created by an android developer that can be a company or an individual programmer.

Android logo.
Android logo.

The types of programs that can be made by an android developer vary greatly, and include everything from interactive games to media players, as well as apps that interface with and update based on popular websites and even electronic book readers and global navigation software. An android developer can be a large business that employs numerous programmers to create these apps, or an individual developer who makes apps for personal use and the enjoyment of others. The code required for android development is mostly open source and available freely for anyone interested in developing apps for phones that use the android OS.

Woman using an Android™ phone.
Woman using an Android™ phone.

Though an android developer is typically someone who creates apps that can be downloaded to phones and used for many different purposes, the term “android” can also be used to refer to a humanoid robot. This meaning of the word is quite popular and has been used in science fiction stories for decades. Therefore, in another sense of the term, an android developer could also be someone trying to design a robot that is fairly human in appearance. While this is not yet a major field of development, since robotic creations are still fairly primitive, it is certainly an industry with potential growth.

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    • Android logo.
      By: Google
      Android logo.
    • Woman using an Android™ phone.
      By: taka
      Woman using an Android™ phone.
    • An Android™ phone.
      By: seen
      An Android™ phone.
    • Android developers typically develop apps for use on Android mobile devices.
      By: slasnyi
      Android developers typically develop apps for use on Android mobile devices.