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What Are the Different Types of Entry Level Receptionists?

Entry-level receptionists can be categorized into several types, including medical, legal, corporate, and hotel receptionists. Each type requires unique skills and knowledge, tailored to their specific industry. Want to know which receptionist role suits your skills and interests best?
C. Webb
C. Webb

Entry level receptionists often gain on-the-job experience to move into higher-level positions. Due to the many different fields that use receptionists, there are usually lots of different types of entry level receptionist jobs available. Major employers of entry level receptionists include law firms, health care offices, governments, utilities, and automobile dealerships. Job candidates should target positions as receptionists in fields they wish to build on.

Duties of entry level receptionists typically include answering phones and greeting clients. In some cases, receptionists are also expected to assist with overflow administrative assistance work, such as filing and word processing. Maintaining a tidy front lobby and some data entry may also be part of the job. Required education for an entry level receptionist is usually a high school diploma.

A receptionist working.
A receptionist working.

A law firm receptionist must be able to multitask and have a professional demeanor. Clients arrive to speak to attorneys, and the receptionist greets them. He or she may offer visitors beverages while alerting the attorney's administrative assistant or the attorney of the arrival. Due to the sensitive nature of attorney-client privilege, the receptionist must be able to maintain confidences about comings and goings in the office.

Entry level receptionist often field phone calls.
Entry level receptionist often field phone calls.

Health care offers another extensive field for entry level receptionists. Family members of nursing home and hospital patients often encounter a receptionist when they enter a facility. Such receptionists greet the families and direct them to the proper room or floor. Front desk receptionists often accept flower deliveries and then route them to the appropriate nurses' station to be delivered to the patients.

Many public utility and other government buildings employ front desk receptionists. These men and women greet visitors and act as the first line of security for the building. They are charged with alerting security officers and police to any suspicious person or activity they notice. In many cases, all those who enter the building to go beyond the reception desk must sign in and show photo identification to the receptionist.

Automobile dealerships typically use receptionists on the dealer floor. They sit at a desk and answer phone calls. Paging sales personnel to the phones is another duty performed by auto entry level receptionists. Professional dress and demeanor is expected of most receptionists due to the fact that they are usually the first ones a client or customer encounters at a business.

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    • A receptionist working.
      A receptionist working.
    • Entry level receptionist often field phone calls.
      By: studiophotopro
      Entry level receptionist often field phone calls.