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What Does an Event Hostess Do?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

The definition of an event hostess is one that is actually determined by the exact specifications of the duties such an individual performs in a particular context since they are usually employed in different capacities. For example, an event hostess may be permanently employed by an entertainment- or entertainment-affiliated company to serve as a hostess for various events hosted by the company. The hostess may also be employed on a temporary basis to perform other functions that include hosting guests or visitors on behalf of the company he or she is representing. As such, the event hostess may work in a wide variety of places that include, but are not limited to, conferences, exhibitions and restaurants.

An event hostess may be employed by a company on a temporary basis, or as needed, to represent the company when it is holding some events. For example, a company could have a raffle draw scheduled and will employ the hostess to act as an usher and a general representative during the event, serving as someone who can relate to the guests. Part of their duties would include answering certain general questions regarding the company or its products, helping people by directing them to their seats or taking their coats, and other related responsibilities. An example of such people can be seen in a situation where a car manufacturer is trying to unveil a new vehicle. Such a company will hire attractive hostesses to help in the unveiling of the vehicle by welcoming the various invitees and potential customers.

An event hostess might work at a wedding.
An event hostess might work at a wedding.

Another function of an event hostess is to act in the capacity of a master of ceremony for an event, in which case such a person will host the event and generally create a welcoming environment for invited guests. Their responsibilities also extend to jobs where they work in a wedding or during a conference by helping the guests find their tables. They may also be hired to work as hostesses during an art exhibition or during any other defined occasion. The position is not one that requires an extensive educational background in terms of qualifications, though the exact criteria for such work may be determined by the requirement of the person or company hiring the individual. One commonality that such people can expect is to work odd hours that may last well into the early morning, depending on the event.

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    • An event hostess might work at a wedding.
      By: photographmd
      An event hostess might work at a wedding.