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What Does an Offshore Installation Manager Do?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

An offshore installation manager is in charge of overseeing the process of drilling for oil; essentially, it is usually up to him to manage workers who operate an oil rig and maintain safety. Some helpful characteristics to have for this job are effective organizational habits and sound leadership skills. While it's sometimes possible to obtain this position with only a high school diploma and several years of experience, having a degree in a related field is ideal. Some common responsibilities of an offshore installation manager include training and supervising workers, inspecting for safety, monitoring oil production, keeping track of equipment inventory and communicating with client representatives.

One of the most important duties of an offshore installation manager is training and supervising workers who operate a rig and other equipment. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of this occupation, it can be essential for an individual to properly train workers and find employees who work well in a team, keeping workers on task and providing disciplinary measures when necessary. This aspect of the job requires someone who is a natural leader and able to build rapport with subordinates.

The offshore installation manager is in charge of an oil platform.
The offshore installation manager is in charge of an oil platform.

Another critical aspect of this job is inspecting a rig and a work site for safety. Not only is an offshore installation manager responsible for the safety of workers, he is also responsible for environmental safety and preventing oil spills. Consequently, he must perform routine inspections and make sure that workers are adhering to safety guidelines and all equipment is properly functioning.

This individual works to monitor oil production and makes sure that quotas are met. Since clients often put a lot of money into the funding for petroleum extraction, it's generally vital for an offshore installation manager to stay aware of production output and stay on target. As a result, he must stay up-to-date with budget and the amount of oil that's extracted daily.

Keeping track of equipment inventory is another responsibility of an offshore installation manager. Due to the vast amount of parts required to operate an oil rig, it's extremely important that an individual has all necessary equipment on hand and backup parts if something goes wrong. Consequently, he must be knowledgeable on all parts of an oil rig and order new parts when necessary.

Additionally, this position requires an offshore installation manager to consistently communicate with client representatives. Typically, he is responsible for keeping representatives informed about key issues like budget, expenses, and production as well as other significant details. In most cases, an offshore installation manager will participate in weekly meetings to discuss these matters.

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    • The offshore installation manager is in charge of an oil platform.
      By: eyeidea
      The offshore installation manager is in charge of an oil platform.